Saba Qamar's Reaction To Vidya Balan Personally Praising Her For Her Acting Is So Precious

By Sarah Babar | 3 Jun, 2017

Saba Qamar is an actual rockstar. And ever since her debut in Bollywood, Hindi Medium, came out, people have literally gone batshit crazy over just how good an actress she is. She’s always stood her ground, she’s taken on the most controversial topics that other people don’t even venture close to, and has had Indian journalists smitten by her work, too.

Saba is no stranger to praise, whether it is from across the border


Or from our own country

Love you, too, Meera Ji ♥


And the latest international actor to register themselves in the Saba Qamar Fan Club is none other than Vidya Balan

And even Saba couldn’t handle it, which is a reaction, I presume, many of us would have. It came about when Saba uploaded a screenshot of a WhatsApp message that Vidya had sent her, about her acting in Hindi Medium

Source: @sabaqamarzaman / Instagram


Saba herself couldn’t believe what had just happened and reacted in the same way as any Vidya Balan fan would

Source: @sabaqamarzaman / Instagram


And what happens when two of the boldest women of both industries become friends?

Kahaani 3? A Vidya Balan cameo in the Qandeel Baloch biopic? Gulaab Gang 2? Either way, don’t know about you, but I’m actually pretty excited about these two mammoths of talent coming together, some time in the future, and rocking our worlds twice as hard as the two have done, in the past, as individuals.

Source: SabaQamar.FanPage / Facebook


All that I want to say to Saba is this

Babe, you need to take in all this praise with a certain sense of right. It’s high time the world recognises the greatness that lies within you. It’s high time we wake up to the talent that is Saba Qamar, and you deserve every bit of the praise you’re getting, no matter who you’re getting it from. It’s insane to see the heights that you’ve already reached in the industry, but there’s such a long way to go, and having seen you be the star that you are, this is literally just the beginning.



You go, girl, you rockstar.

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