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Here’s The Latest On Everyone’s Favorite Slanty Ban

Here’s The Latest On Everyone’s Favorite Slanty Ban

Punjabi Food Authority is popular in cracking down unhygienic food chains and now it’s banning food products that contain harmful ingredients. Recently PFA banned the supply of soft drinks in schools and now they’re onto banning something which is pretty popular among the awaam.


So Punjab Food Authority has asked manufacturers to get rid of their stock of colored slanty by October 1st, 2017 because it’s been banned in Punjab, from now

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So this means there will be no more Slanty after October 1st.


The major concern shown by PFA is that slanty paapar is unhygienic



Now, the branded Kolson Slanty are not part of this ban but that product still contains ingredients which might be halal but aren’t exactly healthy

The ingredients include potato starch, potato flakes, some spices, flavor enhancers, citric acid *ahem*, sodium diacetate *ahem* and permitted food colors.

Via: Deenga


Citric acid, in particular is a problem ingredient, although the Punjab Food Authority hasn’t yet specified if citric acid is the reason for their ban

According to some recent studies, the acid can cause stomach problems, erosion of teeth enamel and even cancer if consumed in large quantities.


Although citric acid is naturally present in citrus fruits and many other foods, its synthetic formulation has been found to be more harmful.


Citric acid is also found in  packaged beverages, canned food, chips, energy drinks, processed cheese, ketchup as a flavor enhancer and preservative.

Tou bachta kya hai khanay ko?



According to DG PFA, the colored slanty product has been banned because the government cares about the health of our children.

So, it is indeed a sad news for all the Slanty lovers out there.

People are looking for alternatives now.

Quality improvement? hmmm. Mushkil hai. Lol.

Someone is also thinking of hogging up all the stock till Slanty is still available.

It’s not a joke. It’s actually happening.

All in all friends, let’s try to eat healthy kyun kay sehat say hee zindagi hai


*saying this while eating the umpteenth pizza slice of the day*

Are you sad of this ban? Tell us in the comments.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect that branded Kolson Slanty are not part of the ban ordered by the Punjab Food Authority.

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