Rumors Are That Nawaz Sharif Might Be Resigning And People Are Going Crazy AF

Rumors Are That Nawaz Sharif Might Be Resigning And People Are Going Crazy AF

So today is pretty much D-Day, Judgement Day, QAYAMAT and every other form of the word PANIC you can think of. The Panama verdict is out at 2 p.m. today and as Pakistanis we can literally cut the tension lingering in the air with a knife. There are rumours circulating around social media that our PM saab Nawaz Sharif might be handing in his resignation.


Journalist Asad Kharal of ARY News posted the rumour earlier…

And while we don’t know if this is true or not, people are already fed up with our Prime Minister…

We have those who see the lighter side in all this…

Whatever the results, people collectively agree that Nawaz Sharif must be held accountable.


International publications like BBC are keying in on today as determining his future.



The Nation also posted this doodle about today’s verdict.




Via The Nation


Who knows, if he does resign then this will be the first Ramzaan without a Prime Minister.

A sit in PM will suffice until elections.


Others are bringing in Sonu Nigam banter to add a bit of comedy to this whole debacle


Pakistanis collectively agree that the Panama verdict CANNOT be in favor of our PM…


And then we have those who are hoping Imran Khan ploughs on through and wins this battle.


Everyone (including us) is so stressed, today should really have chutti… 



But others are still disheartened about there being any positive outcome at all.


Also, FYI

And if Nawaz Sharif DOES resign, then this will be our future…


As the nation awaits the results with bated breaths, let’s hope today marks a monumental day of justice and accountability in Pakistani history.

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