12 Rules Every True Bestie Lives By For A Lifelong Friendship

12 Rules Every True Bestie Lives By For A Lifelong Friendship

Are you overly attached besties that want to know every single thing that goes on in each other’s lives? Even if it’s as minute as your bestie just looking at an attractive stranger for more than 5 seconds? Even if just knowing exactly what she had for breakfast?

If your answer was yes to all the questions above, these are some implicit rules you both follow and can definitely relate to:


1. If you have an argument or a fight with any family member, vent it out with bestie immediately 


2. If your ex texts you, let your bestie know and attach a screenshot if necessary


3. Inform before going out and if you’re getting dolled up, send at least 3 Snapchats of your final look

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4.  If you’re about to buy something new or order something online, consult with your bestie, first

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5. If you’re going somewhere out and don’t know which shade of lipstick you should wear, ask for your bestie’s advice

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6. If your bestie is looking supa’ fly, offer to do a quick photo shoot of her

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7. When a guy you like shows even the slightest of interest in you (like a delayed blink), inform your bestie and don’t forget to mention elaborate details of what exactly happened

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8. When you’re feeling philosophically useless, ponder over the meaning of life with her

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9. If you’re feeling insecure about your looks, mention it to her so she can tell you how Kareena Kapoor is an exact reflection of you

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10. When you get rejected in life, tell your bestie so she can tell you what exactly he missed

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11. When you’re feeling sad, let her know because only she will know how to cheer you up

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12. Get super disgusting with her and send her zoomed in picture of your pimples so she knows it’s real

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Here’s to sisters you got to choose and constant support systems, tag your besties and let them know you’re thankful to have them in your life.

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