Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fans Are Defending Him After Rape Allegations, And That’s The Fucked Up World We Live In

By Biya Haq | 3 Oct, 2018

For many young men in the world (and some women), Cristiano Ronaldo is basically a god. Even in Pakistan, people cannot get enough of the living legend.

Just recently the footballer wow-ed Muslims all over the world by just saying ‘Assalamulaikum,‘ on Instagram Live.

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However, in more recent news, the idol is being accused by a 34-year-old of rape.


Kathryn Mayorga, says she was raped by Ronaldo in a $1,000 a night penthouse in Las Vegas back in 2009. At the time, Ronaldo and his team had denied the rape claim charges. However, since then, the case has been reopened since the accuser stepped forward.

It was also reported that Ronaldo’s lawyers paid Mayogra $375,000 for her silence. However, because of the #MeToo platform, she felt confident enough to take her story to the public.

And though we have yet to uncover the truth, Ronaldo’s fans on Twitter are defending the player and are in turn, calling Kathryn a ‘Golddigger.’

And it is absolutely disgusting.

His fans are staking the claim of his innocence with reasons such as ‘he’s too rich to need to rape her.’ ‘He’s Ronaldo, he doesn’t need to rape people,’ or even, ‘She should feel lucky that he raped her.’

However, many others are disgusted by the allegations.

As we said, the truth has yet to be uncovered by the authorities but suffice to say, the fact that Ronaldo’s fans are defending him despite all the concrete claims is pretty despicable. Especially after the fact that a testimony was released revealing that Ronaldo had in fact admitted to having sex with Kathryn, even when she said no.

Have you heard the news yet? What do you think of the reactions of Ronaldo’s fans? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: LATimes/Today News

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