This Pakistani Confused Riteish Deshmukh For Aamir Liaquat's Indian Version Aur Twitter Pagal Hogaya

By Haadia Paracha | 4 May, 2017

Riteish Deshmukh, Aamir Liaquat and Indian television, all of this must be extremely confusing, considering Mr. Liaquat is as far from India as you can get, right? Let us help you there. Pakistanis have the very charming Mr. Aamir Liaquat with all his inappropriate mango jokes, pretentious religious authority, ridiculous media presence and a trove of internet memes to his credit.


Now imagine this popular TV talkshow host aka Mr. Liaquat aka Ghalib film dekhi hai aap ne on steroids.


Or better, that Aamir Liaquat ate another Aamir Liaquat who ate another Aamir Liaquat and became an alpha Aamir Liaquat. Very loud, very rowdy, very vocal and very, very…misinformed.


Here’s when you get Arnab Goswami, a gift from the other side of the border.

Source: Being Indian

Now adding some context: Mr. Arnab is launching his own TV channel, Republic TV which as luck would have it will also be coming to our part of the world (just our luck?)


Pakistani journalist Ahmer Naqvi tweeted about a billboard with Arnab Goswami’s face plastered all over it:

Ahmer works in sports journalism, primarily and is also the Content Director at a local music app Patari.


Except…he mixed it up with Bollywood comedian and actor Riteish Deshmukh:

Source: Wikimedia


Which is not all that unbelievable considering they really do share some similarities.

Right? Except for a few pounds here and there. Also, I’m pretty sure Ahmer did this on purpose but, what do I know?


The good sport that Riteish is, he tweeted right back with this hilarious response:


And Ahmer’s clapback was also in good humor.



This led to a massively productive day on twitter with folks flooding in, not only debating on whether or not the two lookalike but also on their collective hatred for sub-par talk show hosts.



There were some ~classy~ photoshop jobs.


Some parallels drawn with all sorts of “shitty” diseases.



These guys also thought of a possible collaboration:

Some people just love to see the world burn.


There were also talks on some appropriate castings.



And this lovely lady thought of another doppelgänger.


Oh God, no. Let’s never go there.


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