Now Rishi Kapoor Is Getting Savagely Trolled By Indians For Playing A Muslim In His New Movie

By Iman Zia | 16 Jul, 2018

Bollywood is having a rough tussle with various religious groups as of late. First, John Abraham’s film was condemned for showcasing a dig at the Shia community, and now Rishi Kapoor’s new film ‘Mulk‘ has come under fire by Indian Hindus for allegedly projecting a pro-Islamic stance. Director of ‘Mulk,’ Anubhav Sinha came forward with an open letter on his Twitter account to address the growing controversy and unwarranted hate that his film had amassed for apparently being pro-Muslim and being funded by infamous terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

Source: @anubhavsinha/Twitter


The open letter was addressed to the ‘trolls’ as he clearly stated the film was not in fact funded by Dawood Ibrahim nor any other fundamentalist group

The director went on to state what the film held in value, expressing that it’s ‘not about Hindus or Muslims,’ but about ‘you,’ ‘me’ and ‘us.’


Fellow ‘Mulk’ actress Taapsee Panuu recently mentioned in an interview how she’s disturbed by the treatment of Muslims in India, and this statement gave leeway for Indians to label ‘Mulk’ as pro-Muslim. Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee play Muslims in the film, who fight for honor after being ripped apart by the prejudice tropes that lie within India.

Source: Source: Banaras MediaWorks, Soham Rockstar Entertainment


Watch the trailer below


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