This Reporter From Faisalabad Just Covered His Own Wedding And Pakistanis Can't Stop Making Jokes

By Ather Ahmed | 5 Feb, 2018

Over the years weddings have become more than just a public declaration of a union between two people. Weddings somewhat become a sport. Everyone is constantly trying to outdo others through over the top dances, entrances, decorations, and what not.  This shaadi season you got to see a lot of impressive spectacles:


You had a couple performing the National Anthem at their wedding

This move sort of backfired and people didn’t appreciate the couple’s loud love for their own country.

You saw the return of WWE entrances at mehndis also. This groom entered in full Undertaker fashion like he was about to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver to someone.


Then there was this fruitful and delicious looking baraat car


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This time around a television reporter has covered his OWN wedding

دولہے میاں آئیں گے گھوڑے پر سوار ۔ ۔ ۔ حنان بخاری کی شادی کی تقریب

دولہے میاں آئیں گے گھوڑے پر سوار ۔ ۔ ۔ حنان بخاری کی شادی کی تقریب

Posted by City41 on Samstag, 3. Februar 2018

Faisalabad based, City 41 reporter Hanan Bukhari, in full baller fashion drove to his wedding in a sports car with an entourage of heavy bikes.  He then took charge of the segment and introduced the world to his beautiful wife. Mr. Bukhari went on to interview his wife in a full news report fashion. Let’s just say he was on top of the world at his own wedding.

Pakistanis after watching the spectacle naturally made a lot of jokes

Source: Merey Aziz Hum Watno Via Facebook
Source: Merey Aziz Hum Watnoon


Well that escalated quickly

Source: Merey Aziz Humwatnoon Via Facebook


Bus kardoon bhaiyoon Shadi hai uski

Source: Merey Aziz Humwatnoo Via Facebook


Twitterverse applauded the guy’s confidence

Point to be noted. Why should he have all the fun?

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section below.

cover image source: City 41

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