This Pakistani Dude Is Reliving His Favorite Cartoons' Lives, One Snapchat At A Time

By Haadia Paracha | 13 Nov, 2016

Many of us ventured into Snapchat out of sheer curiosity – why was everybody obsessed with this random app? Snapping photos and sending them to friends with a time-stamp? Meh. Don’t understand how this feature will revolutionize the world.

But then, it happened. Somewhere between unceremonious selfies or well thought-out crown filter videos, you got HOOKED, my friend and you got hooked real bad. And not sure about the world but it did add a few kinks to you life.

One snapchatter has embraced the crazy and doodles his way to a Cartoon Network revival.


Qasim Farooq is an electrical engineering student who blows off steam doodling popular cartoon characters in his selfies.



And the result is hella cute.

Here’s a happy go lucky snap-doodle of Doraemon for all the Pokemon fans.

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter


This is him picking on the “ladies”, signature Johnny Bravo style.

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter


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We also caught him telling Dee Dee off from pushing *that* button.

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter


Of course, doodling Homer Simpson without his doughnuts was a crime Qasim should be held accountable for.

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter


Glad Scooby-Doo also joined the party. So glad he could make it.

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter

And then, there’s also your favorite Sesame Street character.

(…lol jk, we all know the cookie monster claims the crown)

Source: @jihadionline Via: Twitter


Talking about his ~interesting~ Snapchat doodles, Qasim says that he doesn’t use a stylus or iPen but let’s his fingers do the doodling.

“My fingers are *perfect pause* my iPen”


While doodling is keeping him busy for now, Qasim also dedicates his time to “lousy” Photoshopping.

This is him casually hanging out with Shahrukh Khan after his cloning and a dubious sex change operation.

Source: Qasim Farooq


If you’re into his cartoon adventures, you can follow Qasim on Snapchat for a daily dose of sweet nothings and cartoon doodles:



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