24 Pakistanis Whose Relationship Status Is Forever Set To ‘Mein Aur Meri Tanhayi’

24 Pakistanis Whose Relationship Status Is Forever Set To ‘Mein Aur Meri Tanhayi’

The essence of 2016 and everything the year brought to us can be perfectly encapsulated in one gif:

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And while the year pretty much blew all the way, there was exceptionally no significant change in your relationship status. Here are a few of us who’ve had absolutely no luck in 2016:


1. This young sher who has no time for love:


2. This poor soul who is just too awkward whenever bae compliments her:


3. This unlucky fella who is legitimately dying alone:

Please don’t try this at home.


4. MashaAllah se chahnay walon ki kammi BILKUL bhi nehi mehsoos hoti

*wipes tear*


5. This lady who’s not alone but like to remind the rest of us how bad we truly have it:


6. Haye Allah, hum aur hamare phooti hui kismet.


7. Were you ever “seen-zoned” in the most brutal way?


8. When men suddenly discover the magical powers of make-up:

And hope that it doesn’t give you heartbreaks as well.


9. All the single but forever ready to mingle engineers of the world, my heart goes out to you:


10. The only companion on a hard, cold night:

*cries in 46 languages*


11. Dil ko bhehlanay ke asal tareekay.



12. When you’re so full of love but no one to give it to:


13. Ab aap khud samajhdaar hein:


14. When the sudden realization dawns on you:


15. Relationship status:


16. When imagination is all you’ve got:




18.  InshaAllah se Alhamdolillah ka kathhir safr:


19. Junoon se aur ishq se milti hay azaadi taken too literally:


20. Haye, yeh zindagi:


21. Gotta applaud the perseverance:


22. We’ve all got that ONE friend:


23. Jub apka kutta bhi muu nai lagata:


24. When you might be alone but you sleep like a mothafockin‘ prince:


Are you and your tanhai partners for life? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: Nasir Khanjan / YouTube

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