13 Things Only People Who Really, Really Don't Like Mangoes Can Relate To

By Sajeer Shaikh | 10 Jul, 2017

Mangoes are considered to be the king of fruits. As summer rolls around, everyone starts talking about mangoes. Mango recipes are shared, mango shakes start doing the rounds and basically, Pakistanis can think of very little other than the fruit they adore. However, there are always a few anomalies. In this case, it’s the group of people who don’t like mangoes and are, in fact, pretty tired of the hype around them. If you dislike mangoes, you’ll probably be able to relate to the following:


1. You don’t get everyone’s obsession with mangoes

Aakhir, itni bari baat kya hai? You keep wondering why they’re considered to be so special, especially since they’re just like any other fruit.

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2. You think they taste pretty normal

You keep wondering why their taste is considered to be superior, especially since according to you, they taste pretty normal. You’d probably even go as far as saying they taste average.

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3. If anything, you think they’re a bit too sweet at times

You also fully acknowledge the fact that mangoes tend to be really, really sweet. You keep wondering ke logon ko itna meetha kaise hazam hota hai.

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4. You actually find it a little off that people consume way too many mangoes in one go

You wonder how people have it in them to consume more than one mango in one sitting. Woh bhi itnay mazay le le ke. How?

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5. All the mango based foods are definitely not something you’re into

You start noticing that in the summers, aam are essentially like Nutella. Log har jagah ghussa dete hain, even if they don’t belong there.

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6. You also don’t get how mangoes are paired with everything

You feel that some combinations are plain outrageous and are also pretty questionable when it comes to your health. Matlab, roti ke saath kaun aam khaata hai aur kyun?

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7. You’ll enjoy the occasional mango shake or mango ice cream

Despite your dislike for the fruit, you can tolerate having it once in a while as long as it has other ingredients added alongside and doesn’t taste purely like aam.

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8. However, you can’t ever fully enjoy mangoes

Eating an entire mango, in all its yellow, juice-dripping glory, just doesn’t sound like a great idea to you. You’d rather pass.

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9. You hate how some people become savages when eating a mango

You don’t like the fact that people eat aam like they’ve never seen food before. It’s like the poor mango is the prey and anyone eating it is a ruthless hunter, digging into its hunted meal.

Source: healthyeating.sfgate.com

10. You really don’t like how people judge you for not liking mangoes

“Tumhe aam nahi achay lagte? Tumhe masla kya hai? Theek toh ho?”

Yeah, you’re pretty tired of hearing this by now. You wish people could mind their own business.

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11. Sometimes, people have heated debates with you due to their insane obsession

People get jazbaati and can even start attacking your choice of not liking the fruit they consider to be the best. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you to begin with, it means a lot to many others.

Source: A & B Entertainment

12. But honestly, you just want to be left alone with your dislike for mangoes

You don’t want to start any drama. You just want to do your thing and not eat mangoes in peace. That’s it. Itni si baat hai.

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13. By the time mangoes are out of season, you’re even more done with them than usual

They’ve basically conquered minds, hearts, stalls set up by fruit vendors and basically anything else they can find to conquer. By the time summer ends, you’re 100% done with anything mango-related.

Source: Hum Network Limited

At the end of it, you’re not a hardcore mango hater. You just wish it wasn’t made out to seem like the best thing on this planet. What is your opinion on mangoes? Let us know in the comments.


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