Reham Khan Claimed That The Leaked Version Of Her Book Is Fake But People Are Calling Bullshit

By Aam Nawab | 13 Jul, 2018

Reham Khan has been in the news yet again for the infamous tell-all autobiography she was supposed to be writing for a very long time, now. Yesterday, the book was released online on Amazon in the UK, Canada and India, apparently and then soon it was leaked online via a PDF file and WhatsApp messages.


Ever since the leakage of her book, people have been going mad over the scandalous revelations that have been written about


However, soon after the book’s content went viral Reham tweeted that the leaked version that most people had read may actually be fake


She is even going around calling out people who’ve apparently read the leaked version


This put a lot of people into a bit of a conundrum over whether they should believe the scandalous material that they had earlier consumed


But, apparently, the contents of her book are the same


People are speaking up, saying that the difference in pages could be a technical reason due to the format of the ebook and the PDF files being different

There are those who have actually made the effort to buy the book, especially to verify what may have been different and they’ve only been disappointed.


Oh well, guess Reham wanted people to buy her book rather than mooch off of the free version that some generous black hat had made available to all.



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