Ladies, Here's Why You Definitely Need To Travel Alone At Least Once Before You Die

By Momina Mindeel | 22 Jul, 2017

Being a girl in Pakistan ain’t easy, despite the changing circumstances and increased enlightenment. Staying out till late, even if it’s for work, is frowned upon, girls can’t walk through a street without being catcalled and life in general is a little difficult, as compared to boys. But this is what these obstacles are for, so girls (and boys) can conquer them and become stronger people. One way to conquer your troubles is to travel, and traveling alone is an added incentive.

Here’s why you should travel alone at least once in your life, even if it’s just a road trip from your city to the nearest one:


1. You will be experiencing life in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise

Whether it be dealing with an obnoxious bus mate or eating stuff that you wouldn’t do otherwise. In short, you learn to step out of your comfort zone


2. Your confidence in yourself, as a mature person, will increase when you see yourself relying on no one but yourself 


3. You will learn what independence actually means

And you’ll also start learning to handle being independent without misusing it.


4. You’ll start trusting yourself and the teachings of your parents and elders

You get to make a schedule on your own without having to follow up with anyone else.

Source: Six Sigma Plus

5. You identify your weak spots and realize what needs to be worked on when it comes to your personality traits


6. You learn to deal with strangers and how to be safe around them

It is important to be careful but not everyone is out there to get you, you know.


7. You will definitely be making new friends and discovering new things about people you already know

We generally tend to see everyone with a lens of skepticism without making an effort to actually know them. Solo traveling helps you get rid of that.

Source: ARY Films

8. You’ll get to explore and learn about the world outside your home

You get to use your own brain, for once.


9. You will learn to handle your fears 

Or at least, you’ll learn about what things scare you 😛


10. You’ll learn to make your opinions and trust your own judgement

Traveling helps you meet so many strangers that it will dispel your pre-conceived notions and begin to rely on personal experience before blindly believing on what people have to say.

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube

11. You will end up buying random souvenirs and stuff without anyone judging you 

Source: IRK Films

12. Most of all, you get to meet the actual person who lives somewhere inside you, away from the world 


13. And you are most likely to have faith in yourself for the rest of your life

Source: Hope Productions


So ladies, pack your bags and go on a trip because the world is literally just waiting for you.


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