This Reality Show About Rich Aunties In Karachi Is Extra AF But It's Totally Worth Watching

By Alveena Jadoon | 18 Dec, 2017

A group of prominent socialites, running their own businesses and juggling the chaotic demands of family life: Think this only happens in Beverly Hills? PBS Digital Studios, an American TV studio, has produced a Karachi based reality show that features the stories of the elite housewives of Karachi.


Divas of Pakistan is our desi answer to the American series “Real Housewives”

It’s a six part documentary series produced and directed by Senain Kheshgi and you can follow it on YouTube. Kheshgi is the maker of an Emmy nominated documentary called The Diplomat.

Divas Of Karachi features Nazneen Tariq, Ainee Shehzad Salim, Mohsin Sayeed and Hadia Khan. All the episodes are around eight to ten minutes long. The divas mentioned above are all some of the most prominent socialites of the city and they have established themselves as interior designers, teachers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and sometimes all of it as well.

Source: PBS Studios

New episodes of the series come out every Tuesday at 2pm. Till now 5 have been released. And people are eagerly waiting for the last one!


Those who have come across the series are in absolute awe of its story line, the representation of the city of Karachi and the intelligent directorial style


Some are calling it the most insane thing you can find on YouTube right now


This tweet was so on point


The divas even make Thanksgiving dinner in their most diva of ways, on the show


The show’s Twitter is a treat in extravagance and as much insanity as is on the show itself

This show has managed to portray Karachi in a very different light. The city which usually pops up in news for terror related stories has more to it than just the sad state of legal affairs. Life thrives in this city and people fight against the odds to achieve what they want.


These socialites are examples of how vibrant and diverse life in Karachi really is:

Here’s an episode to make your day better!


Cover image via: PBS Studio

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