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The Real Spiderman Reacting To THAT Desi Isspiderman Video Is Everything, TBH

The Real Spiderman Reacting To THAT Desi Isspiderman Video Is Everything, TBH

Even if you’re not into superheroes, we’re sure you guys know about who Spiderman is.

Tom Holland has been playing the role of Spiderman in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe ever since 2015, and TBH, he’s done a pretty good job at it!

Source: Hollywood Life

And if you’re a desi kid, you are definitely aware of this cinematic and musical masterpiece which legit stole everyone’s dil ka chain…

And never did our desi heart ever imagine that the two legends would ever come together BUT GUESS WHAT Y’ALL?! 

Same reaction, Tommy. Same to same.

Source: Comic Con India

So it started off with him watching the video, and tbh, he was just really confused.

Source: Comic Con India

But then… our homeboy learned how to sing it and also danced to it and tbh, we didn’t know we ever needed this! 

Source: Comic Con India

And people believe that we have finally achieved it all!

Source: Mango Productions / Facebook


Source: Mango Productions / Facebook

Tiny edit: It has made our LIVES!

Source: Mango Productions / Facebook

You can watch the full segment of the marvelous East-meets-West-in-all-its-glory here: 

Spider-Man Homecoming: Spiderman Goes Desi! Comic Con Geekly E…

#ComicCon #Geekly #Exclusive! You Won't Believe Tom Holland's Reaction To Desi #Spiderman!Hosted By Sahil Shah!Sony Pictures #SpiderManHomecoming In Cinemas 7th July!

Gepostet von Comic Con India am Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017

We think we all owe Comic Con India a massive thank you for blessing us with such wholesome content! What do you think about this epic crossover? Let us know in the comments!


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