15 Struggles That Are Absolutely True Only If You're A Real Leo

By Biya Haq | 25 Jul, 2017

With the end of July rolling around, yet another lovely zodiac sign, the creative and passionate – Leo, has started. Leos are fire signs and are known to be confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. Wah, wah. 

Here are a couple of things Leos are sure to relate to when it comes to their lives. Fair warning, it may get a little too real:


1. Leo people are natural born leaders, they know how to dominant a room and gain the respect of the people around them.

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2. They make the best friends as they are generous and loyal and know how to pamper those who they love.

Source: MangoBaaz


3. Leos are keen to satisfy their own desires but may neglect other’s needs and wants in the process.

Source: MangoBaaz


4. No one can match a Leo’s sense of humor. You know it.

Source: MangoBaaz


5. Leos are very self-confident and attractive, guaranteed to make a very strong first impression.

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6. The ultimate team players, Leos are great to work with when it comes to work.

Source: Showcase Productions


7. Big egos are very present in Leos which can sometimes hurt their personal life.

Source: Showcase Productions


8. Leos take initiative in resolving various complicated situations which may make them the ‘peace keepers’ among friends.

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. / Showcase Films


9. Leos are known for being quite attractive. Just saying.

Source: MangoBaaz


10. Dominant in their professional and personal lives, Leos are known to be strong decision makers.

Werq. Werq. Werq.

Via: Deenga


11. Making a memorable first impression is job number 1 for any Leo.

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12. They are the ultimate the friends, they don’t hold grudges and are very forgiving.

Source: MangoBaaz


13. Leo folks have a very powerful drive to succeed and fulfill their goals.

Source: gqindia.com


14. Leos fall in love quickly but it usually does not last because of their unrealistic ideas of love.

Source: MangoBaaz


15. A Leo’s zest for life and their warm spirit make them the type of people everyone wants to be around.

Source: Endemol India


Oh and btw, to all you Leos out there, here are some of your new famous friends also born under Leo love.

Maya Ali

Source: fashion786pk.com

Hiya Maya.

Sheheryar Munawar

Source: fashion360.pk


Hamza Ali Abbasi

Source: fashion360.pk



Are you a leo? Can you relate? Do you not believe in this stuff? Are you so over it? Do you love us? We love you too. Let us know your Leo thoughts in the comments below.


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