Just Days After Zainab, The Rape And Murder Of This 4-Year-Old In Mardan Has Infuriated Pakistanis

By Alveena Jadoon | 18 Jan, 2018

Someone’s rape and murder are one of the most brutal crimes ever to be committed against someone, yet recent news would reveal how common they are in Pakistan. While many were debating if child sexual abuse is the problem of a specific province, little Asma lost her life due to a sexual predator in Mardan.


Just a day after the Zainab incident came to the forefront, Asma went through the same torture in Mardan

Via: Twitter

Four years old and full of life, Asma was kidnapped and brutally murdered.


After her parents reported her missing to the police, they found her dead body in a sugar cane field

Autopsy results showed that she had been raped prior to being murdered.

Via: Twitter


The gut wrenching news prompted the people to take to Twitter to express their outrage and call out the authorities for the lack of safety in our own country and the lack of justice in such cases


Many called out the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take action because the same is happening in the province that they are in charge of


Many also questioned the model police of KP that the province boasts of


Others pointed out how this is not the problem of a specific province, rather it happens everywhere. The problem needs to be addressed as a collective whole


The update now is that Chief Minister of KP Pervaiz Khattak along with Atif Khan and DIG Mardan visited Asma’s residence and promised full support and cooperation


However, the most pertinent question in the matter remains…

People are right in demanding answers about the lack of noise on Asma’s murder. No protests, minimum coverage by mainstream media and no notice of the incident by the authorities which were vigilant in Zainab’s case. It is a proof of how little our attention span is and it is just a matter of days before we forget to push and demand for action in these cases. This is exactly why legislations never materialize in the form of implementation.


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Cover image via: @Habibies / Twitter

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