Iqra Aziz Leaving Imran Ashraf Heartbroken Is Their Best Acting So Far In The Latest Episode Of “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”

By Iman Zia | 21 Jan, 2019

In another fabulous episode of ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi,’ I have to say one thing. This drama has maintained its consistency in both plot, acting and not succumbing to the usual trope we’re so tedious of watching in dramas. This episode also showcased Asma Abbas in the epitome of her brilliance as Bhola’s mother. This week’s episode unraveled Noori’s future that was entirely unknown to her.

*spoiler alert*

Director Kashif Nisar crafts each episode so differently, it’s exquisite to watch.

Asma’s character adores Bhola so much, and her happiness over him getting married is endearing to watch. We see Bhola over the moon at meeting his new dhulan, and a particular scene where he’s getting ready to meet her is simply breathtaking to watch. He practices in the mirror about what he’s going to tell his dhulan. 

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The moment Noori finds out Bhola is her husband, it’s terrifying to witness; she’s in absolute shock.

Bhola’s ecstatic and reveals it to her, and Iqra’s expressions at the startling revelation in standing ovation worthy. It’s a quick scene, but we feel Noori’s shock. She walks around the haveli and is comforted by its worth – considering she grew up as a beggar, this is all new territory for her. While Noori remains oddly calm, settled by the thought of the comforts she’s so unaccustomed to. Bhola tries to get close to his dhulan, and Noori is clearly very uncomfortable. She says nothing in front of his mother, but we see her lose her patience slowly when she runs away.

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The moment we see Noori and Bhola alone once more is unbearable.

Bhola and Noori are at two extremes; Bhola keeps insisting on calling her dhulan, and while Noori tries to keep calm, his overt closeness triggers her but she stays. He asks her to close her eyes – and she refuses. He walks right up to her, and when she closes her eyes, he loses his moment of clarity because he’s in awe of her beauty. She shouts back after he keeps insisting she eat paan, but when she screams back he starts bawling his eyes out.

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Fans couldn’t stop lauding the episode









Noori and Bhola’s dynamic is pragmatic at this point. Let’s see what happens next week.


What did you think about this week’s episode?


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