So, Rakhi Sawant And Deepak Kalal Just Did A Press Conference About Their Virginity Before Their ‘Nude' Wedding

By Ramsha Bhatti | 2 Dec, 2018

The hype about Bollywood weddings doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. From DeepVeerNickYanka and our very own Aineeb 2018 has been the year of weddings. And we all know that Rakhi Sawant jumped aboard this ship recently too.


Item Song Queen, Rakhi Sawant, announced her wedding with Deepak Kalal a few days ago and things have been quite interesting ever since.

Rakhi might have lost her oomph in the industry but she sure knows how to keep her audience entertained. Rakhi and Deepak’s “reunion” is looking more like a peace treaty between India and Pakistan and less like a wedding. They have apparently invited people from Pakistan to join the wedding and the relevant celebrations.


The beloved Nasir Khan Jan said he will be there

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Good morning friends Pakisthan message hai

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So will aap ka apna Nouman Khan, the legend 

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Good morning sweetheart fans

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Rakhi, like a dulhan should, is preparing for the wedding in full swing.

Shopping bhi ho gayi.

Theme bhe decide hogayi

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Will do nude marriage

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I have never been this invested in any Bollywood wedding other than this one.


Lololol, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.


Anyway, please don’t lose interest already kyun ki picture abhi baki hai mere dost

To turn it up a notch, the two love-birds have disclosed their “purity” status.

From front? AND back? Nice.

Both of them have declared themselves to be virgins.


Okay, but story abhi bhe baaki hai. That wasn’t enough, so they decided to hold a press conference regarding their virginal status.

Look, I am sorry but you need to bear this with me. I won’t let you leave me alone in this traumatic experience.

Watch #RakhiSawant and #DeepakKalal talks about Virginity Test before their Marriage! 😜😂🤪Full Video 👉

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Seems like Rakhi was super proud of being declared a virgin to the world.

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Deepak also spoke very highly of his fiancé‘s virginal status.

As per Deepak, agay, peechay se the test had come out positive. Ab ooper, neechay ka test rehta hai. Look, even I am clueless as to WTF is going on. What does he mean by neechay? Aur kitna neeche?

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The most disturbing part of the video is when Deepak recalls how Rakhi referred to her body as a mandir and that ab wo uske mandir ki ghanti bajayega, tan tan. Can’t make this up even if I wanted to, guys.


Literally me while watching the video:

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Are those…U.S flags? Also, how memeable is that?


When your fiancé says he’s going to bajao your mandir’s ghanti 

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Anyway, I’m done. Like, I had to subject myself to this for the piece. I tap out for now. Let me know what y’all think of this.


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