Here's How To Raise A Confident Pakistani Child In A World Of Social Media

By Kashaf | 5 Feb, 2018

Most, if not all, parents want to raise a confident child

Self-esteem and confidence is a child’s passport to a lifetime of positive mental health in this world of technology. When you raise a confident child that grows up with a healthy sense of self-worth, it means they have a realistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses – where they can enjoy their strengths and work on their problems. At whatever age you may be, how you feel about yourself affects your actions. We are not child experts, but we’ve learned a thing or two by being the generation of technology. Try these tips on how to help raise a confident child:


In order to raise a confident child you, as parents, firstly, need to given them independence and let them make choices

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When children learn how to make choices from a young age, they gain good judgment. Kids always love running the show and doing things themselves. It is important to let your child know that certain (not all) choices are up to them. Too much control, however, can be overwhelming. It is best to give children options, do you want milk or juice, a sandwich or a burger.


Be optimistic

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If your children are easily defeated by disappointments, help them be more optimistic. Encourage them to think about specific ways to improve the situation and bring them closer to their goals.


Encouraging them helps a confident child thrive

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Pay attention to what your child does well and enjoys. Make sure your child has opportunities to develop these strengths. Nurturing strengths is better than focusing on weaknesses if you want to help kids feel good about themselves and succeed.


Praise your child, but do it wisely

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Of course, it’s good to praise kids. Your praise is a way to show that you are proud, too. Your child can get so accustomed to hearing compliments that they have a hard time realizing when their accomplishments are really worth celebrating.


Ban harsh criticism

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The messages kids hear about themselves from others easily translate into how they feel about themselves. Harsh words are harmful, not motivating. When kids absorb negative messages about themselves, they feel bad about themselves and act accordingly.


Don’t set them up for failure if you want to raise a confident child

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Offer structure to help your child succeed. Rescuing children can prevent them from learning important lessons. Instead of learning the lesson that they should have practiced that piano, or read the directions correctly on that science project, they can feel like they are failures, that they cannot manage themselves, and that their parents did not care enough to help them not be failures or teach them to manage themselves.


Don’t compare them to others

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Constantly telling your kids that their neighbor/cousin/sibling got straight A’s or plays every sport can be exhausting. Unknowingly using these verbal statements does more harm than good. Comparing your child to others’ can actually stress out both you and your child. The child starts believing that others are better than them and that they are incapable of performing well or living to the expectations of the parents. This feeling is very damaging for the personal and academic growth of the child.


A confident child is one whose parents nurture their interests

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Expose your children to a variety of activities and encourage them to find something that they love doing.  Kids who have a passion — whether it’s sports, books, or cooking — feel proud of their expertise and are confident in not only their interests but other areas of their life. Quirky hobbies can be very helpful for children who have a hard time fitting in at school — and you can help your child take advantage of their interests to connect with other kids. For example, if your son likes to cook but most of the boys in his school are into playing sports, encourage him to keep doing what he enjoys — and share his interests with his friends.


And finally, a confident child is one whose parents are a good role model

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When you put effort into everyday tasks, you’re setting a good example. Your child learns to put effort into doing homework, cleaning up toys, or making the bed. Modeling the right attitude counts, too. When you do tasks cheerfully, you teach your child to do the same. When you take pride in a job well done, you teach your child to do that, too.


Did you find these tips helpful?

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