“Qurban” Is Just Another Recycled Drama But I'm Hooked And I Don't Know Why

By Iman Zia | 4 Jan, 2018

There’s something so thrilling about ‘Qurban.’ The ARY drama harbors an admirable cast of Iqra Aziz, Bilal Abbas Khan, and Shehzad Sheikh, with a sensational OST that oozes emotion, hitting home hard. At first glance, the impressive promos and teasers really drew me in; what with Bilal in a very different avatar after ‘O Rungreza,’ who I was mostly watching ‘Qurban’ for. Shehzad Sheikh has been the underdog of the drama industry for a very long time and is a very talented actor. However, the drama shockingly in two-fold offers nothing new to the table and has left me incredibly confused.


‘Qurban’ is a tale about Heer, Jamal, and Shahmeer, three individuals drowning in an intense love triangle

Heer, played by Iqra Aziz is a bubbly and bright girl hailing from a rich household. She falls in love with fellow student Jamal (Bilal Abbas Khan), who stature wise, is the stark opposite. He is from a poorer background, making ends meet by taking up various jobs in the city alongside his studies. Jamal’s education is his way out of impoverishment, and after a few ugly collisions with Heer, the two bond over tuition lessons and Heer falls in love hard.

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‘Qurban’ showcases Oscar-worthy acting, with the three protagonists shining

Bilal Abbas Khan is a fine, fine actor and is definitely going places this year – he’s proving to be nothing short of spectacular. Jamal is fearless, brave and never defeated in his quest to have Heer. He is shockingly kind and honestly what any girl would want in a suitor; his humility is drowning. Iqra Aziz’s facial expressions leave you speechless; her presence is unforgettable and bold. Shehzad Sheikh’s character has only just unraveled but he plays out the isolated Shahmeer fantastically. Kudos to the director for showcasing the best of all three wonders.

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The OST is infectious too, soulful and very heavy as it makes every impassioned scene all the more emphatic

So, SO beautiful, and it’s wonderful what difference a good OST can make to an entire story.


However, the story is the usual formulaic sequence and offers nothing new in terms of substance, storyline, and plot

Minus the odd few plus points, I find myself watching something that has been formed on a recycled premise; boy and girl meet, boy and girl bicker, boy and girl fall in love. Class conflict and differences in status are the building blocks of ‘Qurban,’ with Heer’s parents denying her wish to marry Jamal – all because of his poor background. Instead, she’s married off to Shahmeer after emotional blackmail.

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Heer’s parents choose Shahmeer for her, the epitome of opulence and wealth – a very predictable twist to the story

One thing I applaud the writers for is the exquisite exploration of each character. Heer’s father was poor himself, and his hesitance to have his one laadli daughter follow in suit is unbearable for him. Shahmeer, despite having the most brutal father is also kind and loving, especially towards Heer. Jamal’s turbulent past and loneliness plague him profoundly as the drama progresses.

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‘Qurban’ stems from reality in many ways, however, if you think about it there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary…yet I find myself fascinated

I had realized that the story was formulaic and recycled after the first episode really. The thematic element of class conflict has in romance has been explored countless of times in both Pakistan and Bollywood; ‘Mann Mayal,’ ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai,’ ‘Koyla,’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ are just a few of the examples that have projected a variation of this. Although it’s been quite some time since this was brought to screen in the realm of Pakistani dramas, ‘Qurban’ still is literally nothing new.

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I’m anticipating an irregular turn in tide that will sweep me off my feet soon – because thus far ‘Qurban’ has been very much so disposable script-wise

The lack of story and essence is made up for by Iqra, Bilal and Shehzad’s exquisite acting, along with the hope that the drama will bring forth an angle unfamiliar.

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Are you a fan of ‘Qurban?’ What are your thoughts on the drama?

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