13 Absolutely Valid Questions You Should Find Answers To Before Your Job Interview

By Keera Knightly | 5 Sep, 2017

Most of the people who are looking for a job have probably graduated recently. For those who have found a job- great, you’ve probably nailed every point below. But for those who haven’t found employment (psssst…apply to work for MangoBaaz RIGHT NOW) there’s still a lot of questions.

But more importantly…can we please have recruiters address these issues while we’re at it:


1. Am I supposed to put my picture on my CV or NOT?

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On one end, I’m told to put my picture on my CV so that the recruiter can ‘visualize’ me when he’s going through my CV, and on the other end I’m told “don’t over do it” by putting your picture up, “what are you trying to show?”. And, to be honest, I don’t know what I’m trying to show… So like…


2. I hear that girls have a better shot at being interviewed by a man. If that’s true then…can I go about my interview like this?

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As much as I hate this, sometimes it’s true; recruiters hire you based on your looks and family background and not on your expertise. So do I resort to this sort of FILTHY BEHAVIOR?


3. If I’ve applied for a certain position like HR or Financial Analyst, am I supposed to pretend like it’s been a passion of mine all my life?

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I’ve noticed a lot of recruiters ask me ‘do you have a passion for marketing’ and I’m just like… “ummm…” because obviously having an INTEREST in a certain field is different from having a PASSION in it. So, do I pretend like HR is something I’ve wanted to do all my life?


4. Do I talk about my part-time jobs that I did when I was desperate for money?

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Some of us have had great experience with part-time jobs but then some of us were willing to do absolutely anything to earn an extra few bucks through part-time; like write essays for college students. So do we talk about those or not?!!!


5. Are my weaknesses subliminally supposed to be my strengths?

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Whenever I’m being prepped for my interview I’m always told “make sure your weaknesses also look like strengths” and it gets pretty confusing because I mean… the whole point of categorizing a few of my habits as weaknesses is because they AREN’T strengths… so what do I do? Is this true?


6. I have a lot of strengths but like.. which ones do I tell you?

Because what’s going on in my mind is:

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But when you actually ask me the question I’m like…

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7. Do we display super confidence OR NOT?

Apparently over confidence really pisses off the recruiter but then some look for super confidence too…

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8. If I’m a guy… am I meant to be completely suited up or NOT for an interview?

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I get it, maybe for jobs related to the banking sector, being suited up is necessary. But what if I’m going into advertising or something, do I really need to come all suited up? Won’t I be getting a little too extra…?

(Dunno much about this except that we at MangoBaaz are super casual. Feel free to wear a Darth Vader t-shirt and get high-fived for it.)


9. Can my achievements be completely unrelated to the position I’ve applied for?

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I mean, imagine if I’ve applied for a position in corporate banking. Realistically speaking, I have absolutely no achievements regarding that field; BUT I DO HAVE OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS like winning swimming medals and being top chef in a competition I once entered…


10. Can I talk about the people I’m connected to? (Maybe to intimidate you?)

Some people get away with talking about their relations with people in higher positions or political parties… Should I follow that route to success?

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11. When you ask me if I’m willing to work for a 15k salary, do I be honest?

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…or do I just nod and say…

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Because let’s face it, you and I both know I’m pretty desperate for this job, BUT MONEY MATTERS TOO so do I negotiate with you or just let it be…?


12. If you ask me my GPA and I don’t want to tell you… Can I simply just ask…

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… and get away with it?

MY GPA IS SUCH A PERSONAL QUESTION, WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME THAT??!!! On a serious note though, how important is my GPA to you?


13. If all fails can I stick to calling you on your phone and begging you for a job?

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…or let out my passive aggression and resort to this?

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What other important questions do the expert interviewees have? Let us know in the comments below.


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