15 Questions That People Should Just Stop Asking On Your Birthday

By Hurmat Riaz | 31 Jul, 2017

Everyone loves their birthday. You’re made feel special. Everyone celebrates the joy of your existence. You’re flying high with happiness but these questions are just bane of your mood on this great day.

1. How old are you now?

Though everyone says that age is just a number but c’mon guys, it hurts even the strongest of us.

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2. Are you excited about your birthday?

This is the most stupidest question ever. Unless you’re ageing like a fine wine which you’re not. SO. PLEASE. STOP. ASKING. THIS.

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3. Treat?

I don’t know. Surprise me?

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4. How do you feel about getting old?

There’s only one feeling attached to the thought of getting old and that is sadness. So please, let go of this question as well.

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5. Have you achieved what you thought to achieve by this age?

Ahem. Have you achieved what you had planned for your life as well?

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6. What are your goals for this year?

To survive and not punching you in the face.

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7. Treat?

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8. What gift do you want?

Stop it people. If you know me, you’ll know what I LOVE! Also, gifts are supposed to be a surprise. So please figure that out yourself.

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11. Treat?

I’m the gift.

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9. Itni age hogayi hai, when do you plan to get married?

Whenever it happens, you’ll no be invited, honey.

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10. Treat?


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12. Are you happy with your life so far?

I was happier before you started asking me these questions.

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13. Treat?

I was not expecting this interview but life is full of surprises.

Source: Oriental Films

14. What is your best birthday memory so far?

My birth? LOL. I’m kidding.

Via: Tumblr

15. Treat?

This has become the most annoying birthday wish ever. You know what a blast does? I hope you do.

Source: Hum Network Limited


What other stupid questions people have asked you on your birthday which made you lose your mind? Tell us in the comments.


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