Literally Just 10 Questions Pakistani Girls Have To Face In Pardes

Literally Just 10 Questions Pakistani Girls Have To Face In Pardes

1. How do you know English so well?!


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Always a charming conversation starter!


2. So how was it staying at home all day long?

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Please tell me more about how much you don’t know about my life.


3. If Malala couldn’t go to school then how come you are here?

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This. Can. Not. Be. A. Real. Question.


4. It must be overwhelming to see so many glamorous fashion trends here, isn’t it? If you need help shopping, let me know!

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You obviously are not familiar with terms like “Lawn mania”, “long kameez vs short kameez” and “The Shadi season”.


5. Have you ever driven before?

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Before I even got a license. And yes that happens because we are cool like that.


6.  So have you decided not to wear your burqa here?

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Getting a mental image of my mother’s bell bottoms in her hey days (She’s still got her hey days, just in case she’s reading this!).


7. Did your parents actually let you come here or did you have to run away?

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If only they would understand that our parents have more expectations riding on this than we do for ourselves!


8. Pakistan? So you’re basically Indian right?

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Where should I even begin to answer this question? Maybe a Pak-India match should suffice!


9. Are you sure you want to work this hard, when you will just get married and become a housewife eventually?

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10.  You seem, um, pretty modern for a Pakistani girl!

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Guilty and proud!


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