11 Questions You've Almost Certainly Been Asked If You're An Extrovert

By Ayesha Bibi | 15 Jul, 2016

While it isn’t easy being one but if you’re an extrovert, you’re most definitely a rare breed. You’re confident, outgoing and have no issues in making new friends but what many people fail to realize is that underneath all the bravado there is a human who might (just like any other human) has moments both good and bad.

Following are some of the things extroverts are really tired of hearing.


1. How are you so confident?

Extroverts come off as being extremely confident because they have an ability to assert their views and voice their opinions without the fear of rebuttal. This is not something of an acquired trait therefore please just stop pestering them to train you on how to become confident in one night.

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2. Do you have 4570 friends on Facebook?

More like many acquaintances. Remember the golden rule: not everyone who shakes your hand is your friend. Just like that, extroverts may seem like they have a lot of social presence but many of them are only truly comfortable with a select group of friends. Just like any other person on earth.

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3. Where do you get all this energy from?

Roz subah uth k red bull k char cans peeya karo -__- . But honestly, it’s how these people are. Extroverts are, by definition, energetic and outgoing people so save your breath on this one.

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4. You never get sad do you?

No. Don’t just assume that an extrovert who is happy, smiling and rowdy most of the time doesn’t have moments of being “low” or has emotions, or doesn’t get sad. People get hurt and extrovert or not, they have a right to show what they feel at any given moment.

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5. Itna extra curricular activities mei involve ho k milta kiya hai?

A question that parents, teachers and friends keep on asking. Please understand that it is in the nature of these extroverts to find outlets for their exuberance and you should be thankful that the extra energies are being channelized in a positive way.

source: tumblr


6. Don’t you think juggling too much is kind of being irresponsible to everything you do?

*Sigh*. Because extroverts have more on their plate and love going out to social gatherings does not necessarily mean that they neglect any of the responsibilities that they might be entrusted with.

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7. Do you ever get tired of talking?

This question often comes at the helm of another person being held lajawab by the oration skills of our charming extroverts. Sometimes, an extrovert does get tired. But they don’t show it because they don’t shut up. Ever.

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8. How do you get people to like you?

Extroverts have a magic wand i.e the ability to talk to people. It makes them seem more approachable and others cane easily open up to them. No rocket science here.

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9. Do you always just party, every night?

Extroverts sure do love to be always just doing “something”. If you have an extrovert friend you must be testament to all the shughal or tafreeh courtesy of their efforts. So don’t question and just enjoy 🙂

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10. Why do you have to be such an attention-seeker?

One thing everyone needs to understand is that extroverts do not intentionally act in this way to gain popularity and fame. It’s their personality therefore any attention being given to them doesn’t seem out of ordinary to these extroverts because that’s how things have been for them all along.

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11. Are you pretentious?

A statement many extroverts recognize as being typically stereotypical of a particular brand of people i.e. a**holes. Extroverts are not insensitive by the virtue of them being hyper active and therefore stop passing such judgments.

source: tumblr


Having established that extroverts too are human beings who just happen to be a bit over energetic, give them space and bask in the company of people who are unique in their own right 🙂


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