How Many of These 23 Very Interesting And Astonishing Psychology Facts Do Pakistanis Know About?

By Iman Zia | 2 Mar, 2017

Did you also know that your brain is literally built and constructed to make four things impossible to ignore?



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The behaviors of our subconsciousness are astonishing and we’re often left wondering why people behave the way they do or what their subtle actions may imply. So here’s a list of 23 interesting and astonishing facts about the inner workings of our mind that you have to know about.

1. If you keep quiet and silent then you’re more likely to reel out information from someone.

So if you’re in a fight you now know what to do.

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2. “Pisanthrophobia” is a term that describes the fear of trusting someone because of past terrible experiences they’ve faced. 

It’s terribly obvious, but if you have had an awful past where people have hurt you continuously then trusting people doesn’t come easy.

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3. Sarcastic people are much better at deciphering human minds.

We’re just a very, very unique breed.

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4. …And if you’re sarcastic then you’re more honest than most. 

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5. Friendships that have stood the test of time for at least 7 years are most likely to last a lifetime. 

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6. If you swear a lot then you’re more likely to be far more emotionally stronger and intelligent. 

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7. ‘The Chameleon Effect’ is when you imitate the way someone speaks, talks and generally, behaves the more time you spend together.

And if you’re fond of them then it’s even worse. So if you like someone who incessantly goes ‘haaaaaiiiiiinnnnn’ at literally everything, then you’ll be waking up the next day going ‘haaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn’ too.

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8. You can’t stay angry at someone you love for more than 3 days.

Alright, I can’t stay angry at someone I love for more than a few hours, but whatever…

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9. You can die from a broken heart and the term for it is Stress Cardiomyopathy.

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10. If you sleep next to someone you love, any trace of depression vanishes and you’ll live much longer. Because you’ll be happier.

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11. Good morning and night texts literally ignite the happy part of your brain. 

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12. Standing in the rain really does help ease the worries and woes of your heart.

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13. If you listen to vocal-less music, you’re more prone to concentrate on work. 

So a lil less Coke Studio and a lil more orchestral guys when you’re in exam season or at work.

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14. Sometimes you’ll fall for the lyrics of a song because they express what you’re trying to say or how you feel.

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15. Your pet dog can literally feel the sadness you might harbor and they’ll try and comfort you through physical touch. 

Dogs really are a man/woman’s best friend.

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16. If you’re easily distracted, then you’re more creative and emotionally adept. 

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17. If you wake up from a really vivid dream, it’s a testimony to feelings that your soul has given sanctuary to.

Dreams mirror our subconscious; if something’s bothering you then it’ll pop up in a more distorted and intense way through your dreams.

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18. If you’re really tired then you’re bound to be more honest. 

Ever wondered why all the feels start pouring in around midnight? Ever had fights with people you love at 3 a.m? It’s because you feel everything so much more profoundly then because of just how exhausted you are.

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19. Hugs are like the antithesis of depression. They help ease you from anxiety too.

A hug a day will save you. And long, tight hugs from the one you love will fix you.

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20. Dancing in your room with someone you love reduce stress levels massively. 

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21. Massages, cuddling, hand holding make you mentally healthier. 

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22. Introverts and those who are shy are two different breeds. Shyness isn’t a substitute for introvert-ness. 

If you’re an introvert, you crave solitude. If you’re shy, you want nothing more than to form emotional attachments with people but it’s hard for you because you suffer from anxiety.

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23. Think about the last person who crosses your mind before bed.

That person is the reason for your strength or your weakness. Or in most cases, both.

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Do any of these apply to you? If so which ones?

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