Nick Jonas Just Might Have Confirmed His Relationship With Priyanka And Everyone's Legit Shook

By Iman Zia | 4 Jun, 2018

Honestly, just when you think there’s a dearth of gossip, crumbling away our already boring lives, here comes a wading story that has us literally going WTFFFFFFFFF. Rumors were surfacing online by internati0nal publications that Priyanka Chopra was dating Nick Jonas, after numerous photos of the two spread like wildfire.


Priyanka and Nick were photographed together last year at the Met Gala, but have only recently become involved



Earlier this week though, the rumored couple were allegedly on their first date, with both entering a restaurant together and leaving too





They were also spotted together at a Dodgers game earlier too

According to ‘US Weekly, the two “are dating and it’s brand new; it’s a good match and they are both interested in each other”

Source: @glenpowell_/Instagram


And now it seems like it’s getting a little more serious, what with Nick and Priyanka cheekily leaving comments on each others’ Instagram accounts!

Source: @priyankachopra/Instagram


Nick was admiring her gorgeous smile

Source: @priyankachopra/Instagram


Meanwhile Priyanka too commented on an Instagram photo of Nick’s with a few hottie McHottie emojis

Source: @nickjonas/Instagram


Well, isn’t this quite the love fest

Via Tumblr


People are shipping them already (as are we, I mean can you imagine their babies)??





With hilarious Bollywood jokes coming through







Some couldn’t believe it



What do you think about the couple?





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