Priyanka Chopra Was Just Named “Beauty Of The Year” But She Doesn’t Want It

By Iman Zia | 24 Apr, 2019

Priyanka Chopra just added another feather to her cap after she was announced by famous magazine ‘People’ as one of their 2019 ‘Beauties Of The Year.’ The actress was named along with Hollywood personalities like Brie Larson, Kacey Musgraves, and Jennifer Garner.


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Priyanka gave the same magazine an exclusive scoop into her grand wedding with Nick Jonas last December, and after being named a ‘Beauty Of The Year,’ she admitted that “in the world we live in, the standard of beauty isn’t real.”

The actress said she realized how beauty isn’t that important, despite just being named a Beauty by People magazine. She said, “I think I realized what all it takes to actually look the way we do on magazine covers and the work we do.”



The actress also confessed how she “realized looks aren’t everything.”

OKAY PRIYANKA LOL. Priyanka said beauty is “the confidence with which you walk into a room” and “the ability to do your job to the best of your capabilities.” She then said how she plans on being a “glamorous old lady who will always have an opinion on everyone;” so basically a societal aunty LOL?

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With her rather conflicting statements, it seems like Priyanka dismissed the award that celebrates outward beauty more than inward. While it’s admirable that the actress urged an appeal to redefine what beauty meant in this day and age, we can’t help gauge that she might have just been a bit hypocritical – what with the actress working in a visual medium and having done various adjustments to facial parts over the years (and not admitting to them).


What do you think about Priyanka’s comments?


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