13 Powerful Quotes By Allama Iqbal That Will Inspire You To Do Better In Your Life

By Iman Zia | 21 Apr, 2018

Allama Iqbal was not just a poet of the East. He is literally the Spiritual Father Of Pakistan and his work has transcended borders, languages and time. His vision for our homeland has been regurgitated countless times in textbooks, but rarely can you find someone who understands his words. On the death anniversary of of this pillar of strength, we remember this wonderful man through the words he penned down so beautifully.

The following quotes are translations of his poetry originally penned in Urdu and Persian:


Allama on the need to let art and artists prosper.


On believing in yourself.


On not giving up.


On the power of art.


On spirituality.

On the importance of having a strong moral compass.


On the vastness of human thought.


On mankind and what drives people.


On your true inner self.


On his complaint to The Maker of being born among those morally asleep.


On the meaning of life.


On being in control of your destiny.


On the importance of not letting corruption seep into hearts.


Iqbal’s poetry, philosophy and thoughts are a guide for all times. If only we’re able to actually put his words into action and bring about a change in our society the way he envisioned, can we truly honor him.


This Tribute By Allama Iqbal’s Grandson To Jinnah’s Daughter, Dina Wadia, Will Move You To Tears



A Message From the Desk of Iqbal to the Victims of APS Attack


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