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13 Struggles You Can Only Totally Relate To If You’re Always The “Positive Person”

13 Struggles You Can Only Totally Relate To If You’re Always The “Positive Person”

There are always different types of people you will meet in your life. Everyone from the ‘never happy person’ who can’t help but find the bad in everything to the realist who adds logic to every single situation.

Well friends, today we’re here to talk about the always happy person. That’s right people, if you’re reading this, you’re probably the only one in your group of friends who always has something positive to say.

Here are 13 things anyone with a positive outlook on life will be able to relate to:

1. There is no such thing as a bad situation because you always see the positive in everything

Source: deenga

You’re an expert at spotting silver linings.

2. You feel calm even when everyone around you is freaking out

Source: The Living Picture/YouTube

Performing well under pressure is one of your gifts!

3. You don’t stress too much, even when things are at their worst because you know “end” mein toh sab theek ho hee jaega

Via Deenga

‘Relaaaax, end mai sab kuch theek ho jaye ga!”

4. Your positivity can sometimes be a little annoying to some

Source: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films

It’s not your fault, it’s just who you are.

5. Those same people come to you for advice when they’re in a bind

Source: The Living Picture

And you are always, always, ALWAYS there for them.

6. You are FULL of inspirational quotes


“It could always be WAY worse.”

7. When you do feel bad, you feel reaaalllllly bad


It’s not always easy to stay positive all the time, you are human after all.

8. When you’re quiet or a little upset, your friends are always extremely concerned


Since they’re always used to seeing you happy all the time, it’s basically red alert when your attitude changes.

9. It’s almost annoying when you meet people who are negative or cynical all the time

Via: deenga

^ You probably do NOT get along with this person.

10. You always try to see the good in everything and everyone.

Source: Dharma Productions

Diplomacy is another one of your strong suits!

11. It’s not always easy to stay positive.

Source: Eros

Looking on the bright side can get pretty exhausting.

12. Sometimes you wish that someone else was the positive one.

Source: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films

13.  It’s a part of you that you can’t change, and would never want to change.

Source: IRK Films

Positive until the end ya’ll. ~

Have any positive peeps? Are you the positive one in your group of friends? What other things do you go through in your group of friends? Life? Let us know in the comments and STAY POSITIVE. Love you.


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