Apparently Politicians Are Too Busy Getting High in KPK So This Lawyer Has A Solution, Lol

By Ather Ahmed | 16 Aug, 2017

Dope testing has been a global thing when it comes to sports; athletes who test positive for a recreational substance have to face penalties in one way or the other. In many countries, dope testing usually makes its way into the corporate world where if you fail a dope test, your ass can join the unemployment list.  The idea behind the scrutiny and penalizing is that drugs impair the user’s judgment. To put it simply, getting high would make you screw up the task at hand. Surely running an entire country would be out of the question then.

Bringing this to Pakistan – a lawyer in KPK actually tried to do something about the possibility of our policy makers making decisions under the influence



According to a report published on Dawn, Advocate Saifullah Muhib Kakakhel pushed for mandatory dope testing for all parliamentarians in the KPK assembly. The petition basically requested the Election Commission to conduct these tests and submit results as part of nomination papers for 2018 elections. Basically, those found partaking in nashas will be disqualified.

The lawyer here believes that a significant number of parliamentarians like to get ‘high’ every now and then

Source:Express Tribune

While there is no proof whatsoever to prove the lawyer’s allegation, yet, his argument to disqualify drug users from assembly does hold legal ground. As per the Constitution, an elected member of the assembly has to be ‘Sadiq aur Ameen”. In simple words, a goody two shoes that doesn’t indulge in drugs and stuff. Article 62 and 63 discusses all the moral “don’ts” for MNAs and MPAs in great detail.

As per the norm, people had something say about the lawyer’s proposal.

Some supported the petition

Source: Dawn/Facebook

Some, not so much

Source: Dawn/Facebook

Then there were those who were curious about the people that could potentially make the ‘dope’ list

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