Pokémon Go Could Face Its Biggest Outage on August 1st Because of This Group

By Aam Nawab | 18 Jul, 2016

Last week, if you were one of the many people playing Pokémon Go in Pakistan (where it hasn’t launched officially hehe), you might have gotten that annoying screen that told you the servers were down.

pokemon go

It wasn’t just in Pakistan, turns out it was a global phenomenon (yes, phenomenon because Pokémon Go itself is a phenomenon).

It seems a hacking group attacked Pokémon Go servers with a DDOS attack.

The group, known as PoodleCorp, posted on Twitter that it was behind the attack (claim hasn’t been verified though).


As expected, people were pretty upset.


Fortunately, it was back up shortly and there haven’t been any major outages since then. 

For now…we all know how often it goes down anyways regardless of a DDOS attack.


How long till the next outage?

It seems there might be something brewing…


Has the group issued a threat for a major attack? Will we lose access to Pokémon Go before it officially launches in Pakistan?

No no no no no no no no no please no.

Source: Deenga


Anyways, here’s something really rare that you can look forward to catching.


Cover Image via: CNET

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