PML N Leader Talal Chaudhry Made Cheap Comments About Kanwal Shauzab Of PTI And It Needs To Stop

By Anoosha Rehan | 6 Nov, 2019

Talal Chaudhry and Kanwal Shauzab were on a talk show together when this incident occurred

Pakistani politicians are not new to the world of make disgusting remarks about women, like Khawaja Asif humiliated Shireen Mizari by calling her a ‘tractor’ and Talal Chaduhry previously, too, joked about Firdous Ashiq Awan. However, recently on a talk show, PMLN Politician Talal Chaudhry came out at PTI Politician Kanwal Shauzab, and disrespected her by using abusive language and accusing her for the ‘things’ she has done to reach to power.


Talal Chaudhry and Kanwal Shauzab were on a talk show together when the PML N leader lost his cool and his manners while addressing the PTI politician

Talal Chaudhry lost his shit while answering a question to Kanwal Shauzab from PTI and began to address her with words like “ghatiya loug bakwas hee karsaktay hain jou tum kar rahi hou.”

Shamelessly, Talal Chaudhry character assassinated the female politician with phrases such as “Jahan jahan say tum hou kar aayi hou wahan mein saari cheezain nahin bata sakta aur jou humaray peechay bhee phirti rahi hou.” Instead of addressing to the question, Talal Chaudhry kept on disgracing the woman, on camera, and asked her “apni zubaan control mein rakhou.” 

He didn’t just stop there, he went as far as pointing out her for playing the woman card and said, “Sharam haya tumhay hounee chahye boulnay say pehli. Phir ap aurat ban jaati hain, barri jaldi yaad aajata hai ap aurat hain. Auratoun walay kaam bhee karou.”


Many people are condemning the terrible remarks Talal Chauhdry made to Kanwal Shauzab


Even Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry came forward to defend his fellow party member


People were pissed at the behavior shown by Talal Chaudhry towards Kanwal Shauzab and called him out


With such a pathetic show of attitude, people had better positions for Talal Chaudhry


People recalled how this is not the first time he has said something so disgusting and had gotten away with it


People urged the Government and PEMRA to take an action against his filthy talk


People were so disturbed by Talal’s behavior that they thought he should publicly apologize for his belittling remarks

The way Talal Chaudhry acted out, and couldn’t shut his filthy mouth, is insane but also not a new attitude men have toward women. It’s unfortunate how women are publicly disparaged by men like Talal Chaudhry, for simply working in public spaces and speaking for themselves. Talal Chaudhry felt no shame in snubbing the PTI politician and his words continuously implied that she was a whore or a disgraceful woman, with no morals. It is a shame how working or existing in a public space for women is still such a great threat to their respect and that they can be pointed out by men like Talal Chaudhry anytime they want.

The terrible act by politicians to bring each other down has never been taken into account, which is why it has become such a great menace to everyone. Talal’s words are utterly disturbing for every woman, but what’s sadder is that he’ll still make a way out of it, without being questioned.


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