18 Places In Karachi That Are Guaranteed To Make You Reaaaaally Wet

By Ather Ahmed | 15 Aug, 2017

Karachi will make you wet, for sure. Not in that way of course. Tch Tch, such a dirty mind you have. I mean I know we aren’t exactly saintly but c’mon man, really? There are some lines even we do not cross. Kuch khayal karo yaar.

So now that you have taken a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and analyzed your life choices, chin up and check these places which are guaranteed to cool you down in the summer. See I didn’t use the term ‘wet’ since you would’ve gone back to that dark place.


1. Seaview Clifton

Source: samaa.tv


2. Tuschan Beach

Source: Huts Karachi/YouTube


3. Turtle Beach

Source: Aziz Sanguar


4. Dreamworld Resort

Via YouTube


5. Samzu Park

Source: Mohammad Suleman Siddiqui/YouTube


6. Cozy Water Park

Via YouTube


7. Sunway Lagoon Water Park

Via YouTube


8. Al Mehran Waterpark

Via YouTube


9. Hawks Bay Beach

Source: Noman Khan/YouTube


11. The Great Fiesta Waterpark

Source: The Great Fiesta Waterpark


12. Aladdin Waterpark

Source; Shimul Multimedia/Facebook


13. Burhani Recreational Waterpark

Source: Unsensored/YouTube


14. French Beach

Source: Moin Khan A Different Agenda


15. Sandspit Beach Karachi

Via YouTube


16. Mubarak Village

Via YouTube


17. Paradise Point

Source: NS Bukhari

18. And lastly: your bathroom

Source: Which


If you think we have missed out on some, please let us know in the comment section below.


Cover image via: Six Sigma Plus

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