13 Of The Most Chatpati Chaat Places For The Chitoray Karachiites

By Saad Zubair | 4 Dec, 2017

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Chana Chaat, Cholay, Namkeen, Bhel Puri, Paani Puri and all these yummy delicacies are the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chitora. No matter what purpose, these spicy and savory snacks are the best way to cure the munchies when you get them. Karachi is full of these spots and we give you 13 of the best places to get your chaat fix at any time of the day:



Mirchili is a recent entrant in the packed chaat house scene of Karachi and its one of the best places to get your fix. The best part is that it’s in multiple locations from Tipu Sultan Road, Badar Commercial (Defence Phase V), to the food court of Clifton’s Dolmen Mall. The food is hygienic and also quite filling. It can even be a decent place to go for dinner if you don’t feel like having something heavy.

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You’ll be greeted by the nice lady who owns the place and that will serve as a start to elaborate experience you’ll have at Gazebo. The food is hygienic and the options are plenty. You can even get Masala Dosas and similar South Indian specialties. For chaat, do try the Mixed Chaat Special and Sev Puri and you’ll want another helping as soon as you’re done.



Situated in Defence’s famous Khadda Market, Chatkharay is a nice place for families to enjoy chaat at. You get all your favorite chaat options in a comfortable environment. The downside is that parking can be a pain, otherwise it’s worth a visit.

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Flamingo Boat Basin

Boat Basin is Clifton’s oldest food strip and Flamingo is the place to go for your favorite evening snack. It’s great for chaat, but it even serves rolls too. So, you can have a nice chicken roll to go along with your chaat.

via: Flamingo/ Facebook


Bombay Chowpatty

Bombay Chowpatty has become a popular chaat option. It has a proper sit-down restaurant in Zamzama and you can even find a stall at the Clifton Dolmen Mall. Like other such places on the list, it’s comfortable for families and can also double as a place to take your bae on a sasti date.

via: Bombay Chowpatty/ Facebook


Al-Ahmed Chaat

Al-Ahmed could be considered a hidden gem in the chaat scene even though it’s been around for more than a couple of decades. It’s near the Jheel Park in Tariq Road and is a small chaat stand. Families are often seen stopping by to have their favorite mixed chaat, paani puri, and other such delicacies in their cars. This place is highly economical and worth visiting if you ever find yourself in this part of town.

Source: Saad Zubair


Desi Gali

Bukhari Commercial Area in Defence Phase 6 has now become to several modern chai dhabas but it’s also home to a nice outdoor desi  food joint known as Desi Gali. Desi Gali’s chaat  is perhaps the best in the area. These days, the weather in Karachi is pleasant and is perfect to enjoy your favorite spicy snack at Desi Gali.

via: Desi Gali/ Facebook


Salman Paani Puri 

Salman Paani Puri in Sehar Commercial (Defence Phase 7) is a chaat place that is famous for its delicious paani puri. In its vicinity are several casual dining and fast food joints, but if you want your chaat fix in the area, no better place than Salman Paani Puri.

via: Salman Paani Puri/ Facebook



Cafeela on Shahbaz Commercial (Defence Phase 6) is a popular sit-down desi restaurant and it serves a variety of dishes. It’s also known for khow suey  and you can also get some amazing chaat  there.

via: Cafeela/ Facebook


Shams Chaat House

When you venture to the other side of the bridge, you’ll find some of the best food places in Karachi. There are quiet a few options for chaat  already mentioned on this list. However, this little gem of a place in the Garden East area is a popular old school chaat spot that serves economical paani puri, mixed chaat, bhel puri, and more.

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Cool Inn

Boat Basin features in our list once again because it truly is one of the best food strips of Karachi. If you want a change from Flamingo, then do check out Cool Inn. Pani puri and Dahi Puri are some of the popular snack options here.

via: Cool Inn/ Facebook



Dandee in Badar Commercial (Defence Phase 5) is situated among several popular fast food joints. You’ll even find two old school giants Mr. Burger and Chips here for fast food. For local fast food, there’s no better place than Dandee.

via: Dandee Juice Chat Gola/ Facebook


Crescent Nimco Bahadurabad

Crescent Nimco is one hot joint that is famous for its excellent mixed chaat, bhel puri and other snacks. Order it to your car for a quick fix!

via: Anum Aquil/ Facebook


Karachi’s favorite local snack is perhaps chaat  and that is why there is an abundance of chaat houses here. We tried our best to cover both sides of the bridge and if we have missed a favorite, do let us know in the comments below.


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