This Cat Just Hijacked A PIA Flight And That's Honestly The Cutest Thing To Ever Happen

By Biya Haq | 23 Dec, 2017

PIA has been in the news quite a bit lately and luckily, it’s for the right reasons.


Earlier this month, a baby girl, Jannat, was born aboard a PIA flight.

Delivered safely in the arms of its parent’s thousands and thousands of feet in the air. Way to make an entrance, am I right?

Source: PIA


And now a cat on board a flight has shed some new light on PIA

Instead of taking off from Karachi on it’s scheduled departure time, a PIA flight to Gwadar was stopped from flying after a cat was found on board.

How PAWSatively cute is that?



Initially found in the cockpit, the flight staff immediately went into action trying to catch the cat before it escaped into the cabin.

We imagine it looked somewhat like this:


(Swap out the pup for a kitten and the road for fluffy white clouds) Still waiting on actual footage though, we’ll keep you posted.


Finally, once the funny feline was caught, the plane was ready to depart for its delayed ascent.

And of course, an incident like this absolutely demanded the best from Twitter:


Not a bad way to end the year, PIA. Here’s to ya’ll keeping us entertained in 2018.

Have any fun things to say about the situation? Any cat puns? We can’t think of anymore. Love you.

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