21 Things You Can Relate To If You Absolutely HATE Talking On The Phone

By Sarah Babar | 29 May, 2017

Okay, I don’t get one thing. Why do people insist on calling other people? I genuinely hate talking on the phone. And it’s not because I’m shy or uncomfortable talking to people. I just hate awkward silences and the pointless need to make conversation, for absolutely no reason.

So if you hate hate hate talking on the phone, like me, you’re going to love this:


1. You hate looking at your phone when someone’s calling you

Source: chupamobile.com

Ugh just that screen lighting up and the weird vibrations…just…ew….


2. Your phone’s usually on silent

Source: keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Because you literally can’t stand your own ringtone…


3. You usually turn it over when someone’s calling

Source: enkimd.com

Because they’ll text if you don’t answer their phone, right?


4. You refuse to answer unknown numbers at all

Source: @Hysatirical / Twitter

Lol you don’t like talking to people you actually know, why would you talk to people you don’t know?


5. You try getting as much work done as possible on text

Source: greenbot.com

Baat text per behtar hojaye gi. Promise.


6. Including important business work

Source: wsj.com

Your boss can text you if he can call you. It’s actually quite simple.


7. Or a friend’s break up

Source: hubpages.com

Oho, I’m so sorry, challo mere ko text per bata dena saari baat.


8. You miss calls on purpose, with zero intention of calling them back

Source: theodysseyonline.com

Even when you promise you will, as soon as you ‘get free’.


9. You can even manage voice notes, but no calls

Voice notes are like texts, but spoken. And that works. Nobody has to reply ussi waqt hi.


10. It’s not that you hate your voice, it’s just that you hate phone calls

Source: colourbox.com

Can’t deal with it one bit, nope.


11. You feel like there’s a weird uncertainty about the conversations taking place

Source: weheartit.com

And you really don’t want to be put on the spot because


12. Then you’ll panic if you’re put on the spot

Source: Hum Network Limited


13. Actually, you panic at the thought of being put on the spot

Source: Hum Network Limited


14. You have no shame in admitting the fact that you hate calls

Source: youth-connect.ie


15. You’ve explicitly told people not to call you

Source: memecrunch.com

But do they listen? Nope…


16. You become super assertive if they still insist on talking to you

Source: memes.com

tHEY STILL DON’T LISTEN #$%^$%$£%^£$


17. You’re not shy, you’re just not comfortable with talking on the phone

Source: makeameme.org


18. You’re that kid who goes into shock every time your Amma or Abba say ‘idher hi hai lein baat kerein’

Source: Hum Network Limited


19. You run out of the room if your parents are on the phone with someone if there’s a remote chance of them involving you in the conversation

Source: Florian_Fuerst66 / Reddit.com


20. You rehearse everything you have to say

Source: shahidselfie / YouTube


21. You’re actually a great conversationalist, it’s just that calls are so weird…

Source: Deenga


Are you like that? Let us know how you react when you get a phone call.


Cover image via Hum Network Limited

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