Philosopher Shaan Shahid Is Urging People To Pressurize The Government And People Are Like, “Bhai, Easy Ho Jao”

By Noor | 6 Apr, 2019

Shaan Shahid has been in the news for a quite a while now. His controversial opinions have kept him in the public eye recently and he’s got a tweet for just about any and every situation.


This time around, the actor is urging the people to stand up for their rights. Basically, the actor is asserting that ‘hope’ cannot be used as the only tool to attain prosperity in the country.


There’s more to the philosophical statement given by Shaan. He went on to say that the ‘pressure’ exerted by the public is the only way to make the government act in the interest of the public.

Should we expect another dharna?

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The actor wanted the people to raise their concerns by breaking the barrier of silence. He said that people should have a clear knowledge about their rights and they should stay united for their cause.

Here’s the complete statement made by Shaan on his infamous Twitter account.

I get the sentiment, I do. And I don’t want to seem like I’m nitpicking here. But surely, Shaan isn’t saying that people should start pressurizing the government? It’s kinda confusing – is Shaan really trying to inspire people to stand up for a revolution? Because that’s usually what pressure here leads to. Like, it’s perfectly fine to have a sound knowledge about your rights BUT he needs to know that all branches of the government work via already set procedures and rules (which can take time but they are working, right?). And in a country like Pakistan, where things escalate way TOO quickly, a ‘revolution’ might not be the best possible solution, nahi?

Even people tried to make the actor understand the chaotic situation faced by the new government. They went on to explain that things take time and the actor should wait to see the desired results.

Some urged Shaan to be patient.

Others stated that the country is already on its way towards success and prosperity and they have strong faith in their Prime Minister.

Some people blamed the current halaat on all those around our Prime Minister.

A few tried to lighten the situation by reminding Shaan kay yeh qaum biryani kay liye bikk jati hai

Oof. A bit harsh. It’s biryani, yaar. 

 Some people just didn’t care much for his philosophical lectures and talked about kaam ki baat


Anyhoo, let us know what you guys think about this. What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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