This Aspiring Makeup Artist Gave Her First Makeover To Her Housemaid And It Kinda Restores Our Faith In Good People

By Iman Zia | 22 May, 2017

In a class-conscious Pakistan where everyone’s taught to act “classy” and not mingle with the “lower classes”, one often sees people who aren’t that privileged¬†are often cast into the shadows as humanity wanes into a blur.

Karachi-based¬†Zillehuma Maq Saad decided to turn pro’ with her makeup skills by having her housemaid Saima as her first client

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad / Facebook


Saima was getting married, and Zillehuma made the most wonderful gesture of dolling up the charming young lady

In a heartwarming gesture of goodwill, Zillehuma dressed up her housemaid Saima who was getting married.

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad


Saima has been with Zillehuma for the last one year, and insisted that she do her makeup and get her dolled up for her big day

Saima’s sister-in-law who works at Zillehuma’s salon as a helper, in the evenings, also received a makeover from Zillehuma’s salon.

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad Facebook


Zillehuma expressed how she adored the entire experience that brought her and Saima closer together and allowed them to bond as equals

She told MangoBaaz ‘I absolutely loved my experience and I loved that she was feeling over the moon!’

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad Facebook

Saima looked absolutely stunning on her big day

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad Facebook


We wish her a beautiful and fulfilling life ahead

Source: Zillehuma Maq Saad Facebook


Saima and people like Zillehuma give us hope in a word where everything that can go wrong seems to be going wrong.

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