Perks of Owning a Motorcycle in the Current Economic Situation

By Aam Nawab | 26 Sep, 2023

The current price for one liter of premium petrol is three hundred and thirty-one rupees, which is insane. Considering the economic situation in the past few months, owning a motorbike is definitely the cheapest and preferable option for almost everyone. If you’re a university student or doing a 9-5 job, having a motorbike will make life a lot easier.


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Skipping Road Rage

It’s almost impossible to avoid road rage especially when anyone can drive anywhere they want. Wrong and right sides are to be decided later, motorcyclists can even create their own side in Pakistan. Owning a car might be cool but a motorbike is definitely elite which helps you avoid road rage in rush hours and skip traffic jams like a pro.

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Petrol price hikes

Why drive a car when you can ride a motorcycle? Riding a motorbike is way cheaper than a car and a lot more fun as well. Imagine the thandi hawayein in winters and garam loo in summers. Yaar ab paisay bachanay kay liye itna tou sehna parey ga?


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It’s easier to find parking space for a motorcycle

Have you ever been to a crowded market? If yes, you’ll know a motorcycle is just the most convenient thing, especially in Pindi.

Let’s not forget the maintenance charges

While spare parts of the car can be expensive as hell, a motorbike will be the best option to not spend all the money on spare parts and save it instead. 



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Free advice if you’re ladies

It will surely be fun to have your better half on a bike ride with you until a random guy tries to be kind and says Baji dupatta utha lein.

Also, if you’re gents

Don’t forget to turn off the headlight and make sure stand uper hou. Whether you’re ladies or gents, there will be no gender discrimination, moreover, you will definitely be given free advice. Okay?


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Getting groceries on a motorcycle

Running important errands on a motorcycle makes it a lot less difficult. It’s way quicker to get Dahi, Dhania, and Podina on a motorbike. Do you agree?



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Author: Nisma Saeed
Insta Handle: nismasaeed_

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