26 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You Get Your Period During Ramazan

By Biya Haq | 23 Jun, 2017

Ramazan is the month of patience, abstinence and blessing. Leiken, kabhi kabaar rozay kaafi lagtay hain. We are human after all.

Luckily for us ladies, (sorry fellas) – we get a nice little break from fasting when a certain present from mother nature arrives. Sorry not sorry, but here are some of the thoughts that go through our heads when we get our period during Ramazan:


1. Yaaar, roza lag raha hai

2. Ugh my stomach hurts

3. Ugh my boobs hurt too, aik second…

Via: Deenga

4. WAIT, what’s the date?

5. *runs to the bathroom*


Via: Deenga

7. Wow this is the best day of my life

8. I mean I hate the fact that there are 2 hours left and I HAVE TO KEEP MY ROZA but challo

9. WORTH IT: aik haftay kii chuttti

Via: Deenga

10. Waisay aisay nahi kehna chahiye, sorry Allah mian

11. But I mean periods are natural, this happiness is halal

12. Uff periods are so amazing waisay

Via: Deenga

13. Women are so powerful, we can handle so much, like mashAllah

14. Okay ow, cramps

15. ow

Via: Deenga

16. OW

17. OW

18. Challo, ice cream time

Via: Deenga

19. Yaar ab how do I get food without having to explain to everyone why I can’t fast

20. Waisay we’re all adults here, why can’t they UNDERSTAND


Via: Deenga

22. Ow ow ow wow wowwowowoowowowow ow

23. Okay i’ll just stay in bed until iftaari

24. Waisay iftaari tho kar lethi houn, sawaab tho milta hai

Via: Deenga

25. Wait…

26. False. Alarm.

Shamelessly love getting your period during Ramazan? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let us know what thoughts go through your head that time of the month in the comments section below. Love you.


Cover image via Killer Bewafa / dailymotion.com

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