Here's How To Put Together The Perfect Makeup Kit To Look Your Best Every Day

By Momina Mindeel | 18 Nov, 2016

If you have recently learned how to do your own makeup (thanks to all those YouTube makeup tutorials) and are looking to put together an everyday basic yet very economical makeup kit, you’ve come to the right place.

You can easily get all of the following items from  bigger supermarkets like Al-fatah and Hyperstar, in Pakistan.


So let’s begin:

Here’s a checklist of all the make-up essentials you’ll need to buy for this kit:

1 Moisturizer

1 Foundation

1 Face Powder

1 Blush powder

1 Eye pencil

1 Mascara

1 Eye-liner

1 brush set

A few lipsticks

Extras: Bronzer, highlighter, concealer, eye palette, brow pencil (You don’t necessarily have to buy these if you are a little low on budget like most of us and have a relatively smooth skin).



Product Suggestions (based on what I have used and can recommend):

L’Oreal Hydra Total – 5 Moisturizer

Average Price: Rs. 890/-

Hydra-total 5 moisturizer is the best I have used so far. It is guaranteed to make your skin super soft so make sure you apply it thoroughly before you start doing your makeup.

Source: Loreal Paris
Source: Loreal Paris

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Average Price: Rs. 1160/-

Maybelline’s fit me foundation is super light. It absorbs readily into your skin without leaving any ugly foundation smudges. Make sure to buy the one that fits your skin tone and type.

Source: boots
Source: boots

Maybelline White Superfresh Face Powder

Average Price: Rs. 550/- (because I got it on a sale!)

The White Superfresh face powder, just like the fit me foundation, is super light too. For someone like me who hates unnaturally white face powders, this one is perfect.

Source: thechencysbeautediary
Source: thechencysbeautediary

DMGM Luminous Touch cheek blush

Got it as a gift so can’t exactly tell you the price but on average it would be around Rs. 1500/-

Works not only as a blush powder but as a make-shift highlighter too. My favorite is bronze pink.

Source: Sara Hassan's blog
Source: Sara Hassan’s blog

Essence Princess Lash Mascara

Average Price: 600/-

The Essence mascara gives your eyelashes just the perfect lift. It’s super light and makes your eyelashes look the right amount of pronounced and “popping”.


Essence Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil

Average Price: Rs. 400/-

This one’s really long lasting and it doesn’t end up looking smudged after a long day, super light. What else do you need?

Source: Indian make-up and beauty blog
Source: Indian make-up and beauty blog

Bourjois Rogue Editions Velvet Lipsticks

Average Price: Rs. 1400/-

Eat whatever you want to, the Bourjois velvet lipsticks just refuse to come off. Perfect for someone like me who is habitual to biting their lips all the time.


For more lipstick recommendations, you can check them out over here.

Naked Brush set

Average Price: Rs. 2000/-

If you are a little low on cash, you don’t necessarily have to buy the whole set. Just get a foundation and blush brush and you are good to go.

Source: GearBest
Source: GearBest

4U2 I-PRO Professional Eye Make-Up Palette

Again, got this as a gift so can’t say the price but you could probably get it for about Rs. 2000/-

If these prices seem a little expensive, you need to get good friends like mine who would gift you these makeup things 😉
Let us know what are your makeup essentials in the comments below.
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