Pakistani Celebrities Are Joining Pepsi & Raising Their Plates To Provide Millions Of Meals During Coronavirus Lockdown

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Apr, 2020

Pepsi Pakistan is helping fight the Coronavirus with their generosity

As governments around the world enforce lockdowns due to Coronavirus, where people are asked to stay in their homes, many have found themselves unemployed due to the closure of several businesses.


Pepsi Pakistan has recognized the Coronavirus problem very well and that’s why they’re helping provide millions of meals to those in need

Pepsi Pakistan and Lay’s have announced that they will be using their budget to help families in Pakistan during their time of need. For every upload on social media, another meal will be donated to the needy by Pepsi. Pepsi has partnered with Rizq, Orange Tree, Alkhidmat and PPHI as their meal distributing partners in this wonderful initiative.


All your favorite celebrities are lending their support to the initiative by posting pictures on social media

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Basically, Pakistani celebrities are raising their plates to join Pepsi’s campaign to fight hunger during the Coronavirus lockdown, and here’s how you can help too

All you have to do is raise your plate, take a photo and post it on your social media, just like your favorite celebrities. Don’t forget to tag your friends and encourage them to participate. Moreover, do remember to use the hashtag #MillionsOfMeals.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


For every upload on social media, Pepsi will donate another meal and help the needy through the Coronavirus crisis

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


It’s very encouraging to see a big corporation like Pepsi take initiative and use their budget to help a nation heal during its time of crisis

Such helpful initiatives not only add to their goodwill, but will also earn them lots of fans.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

With times getting tough for everyone, it’s initiatives such as these that can definitely raise awareness about helping others wherever we can.


Cover Image Source: Pepsi Pakistan

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