15 Everyday Struggles Only People Who Aren't Bollywood Fans Will Know About

By Hurmat Riaz | 10 Jul, 2017

Pakistan is home to millions of Bollywood fans. Quite possibly the Pakistani fandom for Bollywood is the biggest, outside of India. People dance to every other mainstream song and get excited when a Khan announces their upcoming film but there’s a lot out there who is not a fan. Errr.. yes, they do exist.


1. Other people find it shocking that you aren’t a fan

Just announce in a room full of random people that you’re not a Bollywood fan and count the heads that turn towards you in disbelief.

Source: UTV Motion Pictures / The Walt Disney Company India


2. They can’t imagine you’ve not seen big movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Hawww, how could you? IT’S A CLASSIC !

Because I can?!? Because it’s a free country?!?

Source: Saga Music / Unisys


3. You don’t understand the nostalgia and obsession with 90’s Bollywood movies

The hero usually returns from some place foreign and turns the family upside down by breaking off into a dance after every 15-20 minutes. Why is it so hyped?

Source: Dharma Productions


4. When they quote iconic dialogues, you’re cringing really hard

‘Ja Simran, jee lay apni zindagi.’

It’s like a quotable quote whenever people want to tell each other to live their life.

Source: Yash Raj Films


5. Everyone dances off to Bollywood songs…. everyone, except you, that is

Every wedding has London Thumakda on repeat and you’re like how to even thumka?!?

Source: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures


6. You’re not obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan or any other Khan out there and people are actually offended

Source: Saga Music


7. You don’t understand the logic behind characters in Bollywood movies bursting into song-and-dance every chance they get

How does everyone in their country know all the moves?

Source: Film Kraft


8. Planning to watch a movie with your friends also becomes a messy business since everyone else wants to watch a  Bollywood movie

Your friends want to watch a Bollywood movie in the cinema so you’re either dragging along with them or you’re watching a Hollywood movie alone. Kya zillat hai ye!

Source: Showcase Productions


9. You don’t know all the Bollywood songs so you get bored at weddings or parties

You also cannot dance in a wedding because they are putting on Bollywood music.

Source: Dharma Productions


10. You’ve tried your hand at watching Bollywood movies but just can’t start enjoying them

For example, Taaray Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, PK and you enjoyed them but you’re not obsessed of them like how people usually are. Yar sakoon karo.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


11. But you would actually watch an independent movie

Bollywood art movies  are nice and more relevant to our lives instead of those breaking off in regular dance routines in their mohallas. Naseer uddin Shah, Nawaz uddin Siddiqi, Irfan Khan; you know of their work but not the mainstream Khan movies.

Source: UTV Motion Pictures


12. You’ve been forced to sit through Bollywood movies but always ended up falling asleep through half of it

You either slept through it or watched it while skipping through songs.

Via: Tumblr


13. You feel left out because your friends don’t tag you in Bollywood memes

You politely reply with a laugh emoji but start googling it to get the joke.

Source: Warner Bros. Television


14. You’ve been in arguments with people where they’ve tried to convert you

These arguments usually start off with people saying that you’ve not actually watched good Bollywood movies but you eventually win the argument because they eventually agree with you in the end. LOLOL.

Via: Tumblr


15. You’ve decided to accept your fate so you stick with your F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Game of Thrones wagaira

Your friends would mostly choose a Bollywood movie and you’ve to sit through it because it’s majority’s decision. You either sit through it quietly or start whining over it.

Source: Saga Music / Unisys


Are you also one of those who are not Bollywood fans? Tell us in the comments why are you not a fan?


Cover Image Via: ibtimes.co.in

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