People Think Husnain Lehri Turned Into A Horse In This Photoshoot And Saddle Up Because The Jokes Are Insane

By Arslan Athar | 8 Apr, 2019

Hasnain Lehri and Rabia Butt are definitely some of Pakistan’s top models. They feature in most photoshoots and always grace the ramp at every fashion week. These two models have also featured in many photo shoots together, and it is one of their projects together that is getting a lot of laughs for the past few days.

Back in 2015, Rabia Butt and Hasnain Lehri posed for an Élan collection, called ‘Jasmine Court’. 

Source: Elan


They both look absolutely stunning.

Source: Elan


As the shoot goes on, Hasnain is suddenly out, and this horse is in.

Source: Elan


It’s this sudden shift in the frame, from Hasnain to horse, that has made Pakistanis go absolutely nuts with their jokes. 

Source: Elan


People on Twitter were super busy this weekend cracking horse jokes over the photoshoot. 

The original tweet, which was also from 2015, was getting LOADS of attention after 4 years.


People wanted to know Hasnain Lehri’s secrets.


Hasnain was now ‘Boyfriend Goals’. 


Some people were having a hard time understanding the plot. 


Chalte Chalte Yunhi Koi Mil Gaya Tha’ 


‘Transformers’ has a very different meaning in Pakistan.


Apparently, this is proof that Pakistani women aren’t choosing the ‘gadhay’ in their lives.


Some were placing the blame on Hasnain’s horse-formation on Rabia. Hmm, interesting theory. 

Who knows if the horse powers actually reside in Hasnain or Rabia?


Oh dear! What people do you know? 


The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ jokes were abundant.




Somehow Uncle Majboor made his way into this joke.



Clearly, the horse was stealing the show.


So, Hasnain Lehri, if you’re reading this, please let the people know how you pulled off this incredible feat in modeling. We all knew you’re incredibly talented, but we had no idea you were SO gifted.

Which one of these jokes was your favorite?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Elan

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