People Have A LOT To Say About How This Dulhan Reacted To An Older Woman Touching Her Face

By Fatima A | 5 Sep, 2020

A dulhan reacted in a certain way to an elderly family member touching her face and, of course, the internet has a lot to say. 

The list of expectations that Pakistanis have from their dulhans is never-ending. Apart from being strikingly fair, adorned in the most dazzling jewels, and showing the utmost grace while being crushed by the weight of societal expectations the heavy kaam wala duppatta, the perfect Pakistani bride must constantly have her gaze transfixed to the floor while maintaining the slightest hint of a smile. Not too much, of course, because no woman is allowed to be THAT happy on her wedding day.

You might think that I’m exaggerating, and while it is true that things might be slightly better now than they were a few decades ago for dulhans, we still live in a country where brides get trolled for laughing too much on their freaking wedding day. Yep. That’s a thing that happened.

And now, our awaam seems to have found a new target. Just have a look at this video doing rounds on the internet featuring a beautiful bride receiving affection on her wedding day which seems to have infuriated the general public.

The video in questions features a bride who looks slightly alarmed for a second as an older female relative caresses her head, inherently risking the integrity of the sleek bridal updo. However, the dulhan quickly breaks into a smile after this interaction and just strokes the top of her hair to ensure that her hairstyle is still maintained.

Seems harmless and innocent enough, right?

Yeah, wrong. Apparently, the millisecond of shock on the bride’s face has made a lot of people on the internet very angry.

Apparently, if you care about your hair on your wedding day, you risk invoking the wrath of the internet and must feel ASHAMED.

Ok, so…



People are PERSONALLY offended.

However, for some this entire interaction has them recounting how they would behave in this situation.

Some very strange revelations were made…

Um…that is not a normal response, pal.

Khair, a lot of us were taken back to ”our puff” era.

RIP to all our flattened puffs. Gone but not forgotten.

BAALOUN ka mazaak nai hai, okay?!

For a few, the video was simply a chance to reminisce about the love displayed by their grandparents.

Amidst the barrage of hate, many rushed in to defend the bride’s reaction and were quick to call out the baseless hate she was receiving.

Someone rightfully pointed out how brides spend a fortune on getting ready for their wedding and it makes sense for them to be hyper-aware of her appearance.

In fact, even a friend of the bride personally spoke out how everyone was taking the video in a negative light, wrongfully.


What’s absurd about this entire takedown of the bride’s character and her dynamic with the relative in question is that the video was actually posted by her a month ago where she made fun of this light-hearted moment from her engagement.

It’s unfortunate what was just a fun little clip that was celebrating an important moment of her life has now materialized to invoking so much negativity online. Ironically enough, the bride’s reaction which has so many people infuriated on behalf of the woman in the video?

Well, the woman in the video i.e her mother had commented on the original video how she was so emotional on that day and didn’t even NOTICE.

Let’s spare the vitriol for actual atrocities next time, yeah guys? Someone caring about their hair really isn’t the tragedy you’re all making it out to be.

Luckily, the bride in question, Sophiya Saleem Khan, isn’t fazed by all the hatred that’s been coming her way. In an exclusive to MangoBaaz, she recounts:

”I found the meme very funny! The haters are just doing what they know best.”

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Phew. Okay, so all’s well that ends well. We’re glad you’re not letting this affect you personally, Sophiya, and wish you all the best.

What’s your take on this? Let us know!


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Cover image via @keepingupwithkhan/Instagram

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