Here's Why People Believe Hina Altaf Shaded Muneeb Butt To Take Revenge On Aiman Khan

By Maliha Khan | 14 Jul, 2019

Did Hina Altaf shade Muneeb Butt to take revenge on Aiman Khan?

Hina Altaf is best known for her dramas, “Ek Thi Misaal”, “Abro”, and “Udaari”.

Many people fell in love with Hina Altaf after her interview with Samina Peerzada. In the episode, Hina discussed her rough childhood, her mental health, and the positives of therapy. She also answered the most asked question, what her tattoo actually stands for.

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Me and my bunny teeth

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Muneeb Butt is best known for his roles in “Koi Chanda Rakh”, “Kaisa Hai Naseeban”, and “Yaariyan”.

Many people credit his recent fame to his wife and 2018 dhamakedaar shaadi.

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Eid day 3 ! Wearing @humayunalamgir

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Then comes in Aiman Khan, Muneeb’s wife, who is known for being one half of twin saga Aiman/Minal Khan as well as for her roles in “Ishq Tamasha” and “Baandi”.

She is one of the most popular Pakistani actresses and has made a name for herself in the acting world. She got married last year to Muneeb Butt and had a little too many functions (yes this is important information pertaining to this article).

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So there’s been this specific interview circulating the Pakistani social platforms.

The interview is for the show, “To Be Honest”, which is hosted by Comedian Tabish Hashmi. In the episode, he is interviewing Hina Altaf.

Source: Binjee

The host proceeds to ask Hina which actor in the industry cannot act but still racks in the money for his work.

Hina’s response was Muneeb Butt. I mean the girl didn’t even hesitate before answering the question.

Source: Binjee

The host then acts like he has no recollection of who Muneeb is.

Hina reminds him by mentioning Muneeb and Aiman’s shaadi hashtag #Aineeb, to which she also mentions she wasn’t invited. The host does a quick search and takes a dig at the number of functions they had.

Source: Binjee

Watch the video here: 

Pakistan’s first original video platform is here!

Dekhein Hina Altaf ka interview eik naaye andaaz mein! Click on Watch More

Gepostet von Binjee am Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2019

Well, this didn’t sit well with many people. The first of many to speak up was none other than Aiman, Muneeb’s wife. The now-deleted post read: “Shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues. Such [an] uneducated host and guest I must say”.

And, her sister, Minal Khan’s also now-deleted post read: “Why do we hate each other so much? Such uneducated host and guest!”

This brings up a good conversation about what is okay to say and what is crossing the line on social media and different platforms.

I believe everyone has a right to their own opinions and has the freedom of speech, but that can be done in a socially responsible way. Comments like these – honestly, from both sides – are distasteful, which brings me to why Hina shouldn’t be the only one targeted for this comment. She was asked this question by a host of a show and she answered the question. Why did the host or whoever came up with the questions intentionally try to pit actors and actresses against each other? For a few minutes of entertainment? For some extra views and publicity?

Is it worth the hurt and pain people suffer from negative comments?

Yes, it was not okay for Hina to answer the question and not provide a good enough reason as to why she thinks this way, rather she threw shade. Not being invited to their wedding is not enough of a reason to publicly humiliate someone in this manner.

Source: Binjee

Some people suspect Hina may have answered in this manner due to an answer Aiman gave previously on a different show.

Aiman and Minal were being interviewed by Yasir Hussain. The question was which actress needed some acting classes. The choices were Saboor Aly, Iqra Aziz, and Hina Altaf. Saboor was immediately taken out because she had been in too many previously questions, and eventually Aiman said Hina only because Iqra was a better actress.

This question sounds like the questions Karan Johar asks on his show.

His show is known for the rapid-fire questions he asks that are often very negative and pits people against each other. The questions also ask for critical judgment and open criticism. The questions end up being answered in a very light-hearted manner, but at the end of the day the question arises, “Is it okay to publicly critique someone’s work” and if so, “What’s the line that can’t be crossed?”

Watch the comparison of the two interviews here:

Hania Amir did a good job of answering the ethical question above on her IG story yesterday.

Her first post read, “Being an actor or working in any field of life you would know what goes on behind the camera, all the hard work one has to put in to get a job done, the hustle behind it. Demeaning somebody’s work (good or bad) just for kicks is low. As low as it gets.”

She said it pretty perfectly. To get a laugh or some views are not worth putting somebody else down, especially someone that puts their heart and soul into their art. Whether you like someone’s art or not, put emphasis on the work that goes along with it.

Her second post on the topic reads: “Constructive criticism is always appreciated! But to demean somebody’s work for kicks and that too on a public platform is not okay. Your comments are not beneficial to anybody. Let’s not debate this please.”

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Love from 🇦🇪

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Exactly, if you don’t like anybody or their skills in a particular field or job, then give them constructive feedback so they can work on themselves and improve. Going on a show that can be seen by millions to drag someone for their talent, wedding, and lack of invite might be a new low. This isn’t only targeted towards Hina, but also people that encourage it like Tabish Hashmi, Yasir Hussain, and other people that have gone along with it including Aiman Khan.

Let’s not make this a debate like Hania said. Let’s work on building each other up and supporting each other.

What did you think of this whole fiasco?


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