People Around The World Are Canceling April Fools' Day Because 2020 Is Already A Joke

By Maryam Malik | 1 Apr, 2020

April Fools’ Day 2020 has been canceled

This year so far has been a long year and it’s only the start of month four! Remember how it started with a war threat? Then there were huge wildfires in Australia, a volcano eruption in the Philippines, a mysterious gas leak in Karachi and finally the current pandemic that has caused massive fear and recession around the world, not to mention all the victims it has already claimed.


Clearly, not a lot of people are in the mood for pranks so since today happens to be April Fools’ Day people are asking for it to be canceled


Some people are worried that folks might not react well to what could be perceived as light-hearted pranks but can fo wrong due to the heavy anxiety and the obvious economic and healthcare meltdown that’s happening all around the world right now.



Many are saying that the joke that the year has turned into within just three months couldn’t ever compare to the jokes people would have celebrated April Fools’ Day 2020 with so it’s best to cancel the party already

I mean they’re not wrong…



Google has also canceled its popular annual April Fools’ Day jokes for 2020 in light of the recent events happening all around the world


There are people who think that having a little humorous distraction with April Fools’ Day 2020 could help with the otherwise feeling of doom that everyone’s been having


But sadly, with all the social distancing people can’t really think of any good pranks to play on their loved ones


And then there are also those who have hope that someone would also tell them that the current pandemic was also just a joke

All in all, we really hope all of this doom and gloom gets over with sooner rather than later so we can go back to running around, being fools and pranking each other without feeling the guilt. Happy April Fools’ Day, y’all! Stay safe and stay away from each other.


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