Pissed Off At No Action Around Kalabagh Dam, These Pakistanis Are Raising Money To Build It Themselves

By Zoha | 11 Jun, 2018

Pakistan’s water crisis is finally being given a certain amount of attention by local folks – albeit, not enough. Experts have claimed that the country will run dry by 2025.

Source: dawn.com

As we all know, water scarcity is a massive threat to the country. People are desperate to find a solution. Amongst the many discussions, the issue regarding the construction of the Kalabagh Dam has come up numerous times as well.

The awaam is desperate to save water and people are giving their two cents all over the internet about the Kalabagh Dam.

The plan of action now is for everyone to be on common grounds with the construction because “united we stand, divided we fall”. The awaam that’s in favor of the construction of Kalabagh Dam has already tried to take the matter into their own hands, through an online campaign.

Recently, a hashtag starting trending on Twitter which is #ICanDonate1000RsforKalabaghDam. 

This hashtag has more to do with people uniting to pitch in money for the infamous Kalabagh Dam. A message went viral over the internet, asking for online donations from Pakistani citizens for its construction.


That’s basic math, eh? All you have to do is multiply a 1000 rupees with a roaring population of 22 crores and voila! You have a certain budget for building a dam. This does show how concerned Pakistani citizens are about the water crisis. But is it feasible? Whatever the case is, people are giving mixed reactions.

Some people think it’s a huge turn in history to have a dam constructed through online donations.



Some people don’t really have a choice, but to be hopeful.



Then you have people who are more enthusiastic than everybody else.



Some are conducting polls to get votes.

According to which, we have more voters in favor of the online donation campaign! I mean, only 28 votes. But still.

Then, there are those who oppose the idea of the Kalabagh Dam altogether.


Some people agree that there are better projects to work on than the Kalabagh Dam.

As for some people, the matter is indisputable.

And, of course, others think that the online donations could be a scam to rob them off of their money.

Let’s see where this takes us. It would be a huge event in Pakistan’s history if a dam is built with online donations by its citizens. What do you think about this whole idea? Let us know in the comments section!


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Cover image via dawn.com

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