People Are Sharing Their First Cartoon Crushes And It's Reawakening Memories I Didn't Even Know I Had

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 May, 2019

Only 90’s kids will get most of these cartoon crushes references. 

Whether you admit it or not, there was one cartoon that you found better than the others. And it might not have had anything to do with the storyline but more to do with one of the characters in the television show that you had a soft spot for.

And if that was the case, then you are not alone because there are apparently thousands of people who had crushes on cartoons. And if you’re a 90s kid, you might recognize most of these cartoons.


Personally, I had the biggest crush on the American Dragon himself; Jake Long.

Source: Walt Disney Television Animation


But people have been sharing various cartoon characters that they had a crush on

It ranged from robotic badass ladies


To just overly-buff spinach enthusiast sailors named Popeye


Honestly, who didn’t love this sweet robotic gal Jenny.


Some of these crushes actually make sense like anime has some of the hottest characters, case in point Lolita Prideaux.


And let’s not forget some iconic Disney Princes. Prince Eric was a dumb ass, but he was a beautiful dumb ass.


Also, this man from Anastasia was the real embodiment of the title Prince even though he wasn’t one


Okay yes, even I had a soft spot for sweet Robin.


Some people couldn’t decide on just one cartoon crush


And a lot of people seemed to have the hots for Ash Ketchum

Guess Pokemon weren’t all he was catching; he was also catching mad attention.


Other characters from the show left their mark as well.


The Aladdin power couple really made people see a Whole New World


And some people were just super into non-human characters and hey, who am I to judge?

If nothing, this hashtag definitely provided a nice stroll down memory lane. I didn’t even consciously remember some of these characters and cartoons. And it’s nice to see so many people having crushes on the same characters and uniting in their amazement for them.

Who was your first cartoon crush? Let us know in the comment.


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Cover Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures / Touchstone Pictures

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